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  1. hey im looking to draft today, the 27th 25-50$ range and i can play on fantrax espn or yahoo post league details
  2. yeah if you switch it to daily, im in my email is to get in touch with me quicker
  3. no problem, its your league and should be as you intended it to be. I like a more immersive experience so I need the daily line ups to get my fix
  4. looks good to me, i like the settings alot, but one thing I dont like is weekly roster locks. Id join if you were flexible on that note, if not have a great season nonetheless
  5. looking to join a few, leaguesafe if it isnt through fantrax treasurer
  6. id join if we could use a third party like leaguesafe to hold the funds. no worries if not, have a great season
  7. got this reply from OP via PM regarding settings 13 year lg h2h cats on espn, the entry is 40 and the grand prize is 480, we usually use venmo or paypal to pay. here are the settings -> let me know if I answered all your questions