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  1. Very active keeper league in it's second season has a team that is looking for a new owner! Very deep format - 16 teams with 30 man rosters and 15 keepers. Looking for experienced owners with knowledge of players and prospects who will be in it for the long haul. First year entry is $85 (usually $175). Big payouts. Auction style draft, Sunday March 15th and 5 PM ET. Leave email if interested. Thanks! Scoring - TEAM - BASIC RULES: - Entry fee is $175 - Weekly league - 30 man roster: 19 active, 11 bench, 3 IL. - There are 4 Divisions (N,S,E,W) and 2 Leagues: AL (E,W) and NL (N,S).DRAFT: - Draft will include minor league players. - Draft nomination order will be determined by record from the previous year.POSITION ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: - Games played at a position during last season: 20 - Games played at a position during current season: 10SEASON SCHEDULE: - Period 1 will begin on Opening Day (Thursday, March 28, 2019) and will run through Sunday. - The last day of the contest is on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Stats from any games played after that day do not count. - The regular season lasts for 19 weeks culminating in a 6 week playoff bracket.PLAYOFFS: - Playoffs will consist of 2 brackets, upper and lower each containing 8 teams. - First round of playoffs will be seeded within divisions. - Each round of the playoffs, for upper and lower, has cash payouts. -The Upper bracket - $100 to best divisional record, 100$ to division winners, 200$ to "league" winners (meaning AL/NL), 1000$ to Championship winner and 300$ to second. -The Lower bracket - 25$ to division winner, 50$ to "league" winner, and a 75$/25$ split to lower bracket champion and runner up. - Each round of the playoffs is determined by each teams CUMULATIVE score over 2 weeks. -You can set your lineup each week during the playoffsWAIVER WIRE RULES: - FAAB dollar budget of 1,000$ will be available to each team to make bids on free agents. - A drafted player that is dropped and picked up by another team will retain the draft cost he was originally acquired at. - Waivers run every day at 9am ESTTRADE RULES: - In order to avoid collusion, trade vetos will be active. 5 votes vetoes a trade. There will be a 24 hour processing period during which veto votes can be made. - A drafted player retains the same keeper draft cost to the new owner as the previous one. - Trade deadline is July 31st. - Trades can occur starting 1 week before the draft up until the trade deadline. - Trades CANNOT be made in the offseason. Just so everyone is clear....- TRADE DATES! - Trades will be allowed each season starting 7 days before the draft and can occur until the trade deadline (July 31st). Trades will resume being allowed starting the Tuesday of the final week of the season and continue until September 30th. To say it another way, trades will be allowed starting the day after lineups lock during the final week of the playoffs and conclude on the last day of September. (Fun for those of us that like to speculate on player values for the following season, and address team needs before the winter.)WINTER MEETINGS: - The period of 1 week before the spring draft where trades are allowed. These 7 days occur leading up to draft day. - At the conclusion of Winter Meetings, trades will not be allowed again until one week prior to opening day. - Keeper lists are due before the draft (obviously.)KEEPER RULES: - Players can be used as a keeper 3 times. - Waiver wire pickups can be kept for 2$ provided they played in the MLB the prior season. - In order to keep a waiver wire pickup they MUST have appeared in the MLB in the previous season.ETIQUETTE - NO TANKING. If you want to trade away players for prospects so that your best team produces less points that is fine, but every team will field their most competitive lineup each week.