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  1. Y'all remember back in October when some people were debating the definition of "league winner"? 😂 Great couple of games for Miles, coming up huge when Philly needs him most. Gonna be a big year next year.
  2. It was (defender) helmet to knee. Not non-contact. Bad luck but can’t argue this may be a downside of his playstyle.
  3. Yeah, unpopular is an understatement. I think there's an inherent understanding with a contract as large as Diggs' that he will be used to his fullest. Maximizing his talent is good for both the team and Diggs, as he looks forward to maintaining the same market value when it's time to sign another contract. I think Thielen and Diggs both have a reason to be unhappy with the direction this Vikes team is headed, after last years' passfest. Wins are wins, but the picture that was originally painted at contract signing is no longer the same.
  4. Y'all confused if you think "league winning" has to mean that he scores 40 points. League winning can be "Saquon went down and it's either Duke or Rojo." Lots of championships are DIRTY. Also not sure how everyone "knows" Rojo won't be a *bonafide* league winner. Seems to me that most folks have been wrong about him so far........
  5. Agree here, there are still many reasons to temper expectations. This kind of thing can change in a week if he blows up, though. At that point you'll be looking backwards wishing you'd made a move. They don't all work out, but lotto tickets like these are what win championships.
  6. I fully agree with you. I also would not be trading for Howard, nor would I feel comfortable starting him barring a Miles injury or thin bench. Neither of these guys is startable. The reason you hang onto Howard is so you can plug him in a pinch. The reason you hang onto Miles is that there's a chance he can be a home run hitter as soon as the end of this season. IMO.
  7. Seems like there are a lot of folks here who meant to post in the Howard thread... My take: they both looked good for different reasons. Some concerns remain with Miles (notably the ball security as others have noted balls almost coming loose) but he also flashed and demonstrated progress from his first few games. Yesterday’s game was probably best case scenario for dynasty owners, and decently positive for redraft as well - as the stage may be set for a late 2019 season boom. I try to consider this in the context of Miles’ development as a player. Remember he only started ONE season at Penn. This sort of a start to the season, while not gratifying to drooling redrafters expecting instant profit, is very promising. And to those of you comparing Miles:Howard, remember Howard had 3x the college carries and three FULL years of NFL experience under his belt. It just isn't a fair comparison to make at the overall player level. Yet. Fantasy football isn’t a point in time. It’s a trending chart. At this trajectory, Miles' chart is just getting started.
  8. I think y'all may be oversimplifying this. Diontae is going to get more looks but Washington will likely have as many air yards (on fewer targets). Ultimately it'll boil down to who does more with their slice of pie.
  9. I wouldn't let it sway you too much. He admitted he was purposely playing differently in preseason to see which guys would fight for balls. There may be other reasons to be cautious but this should definitely not be one of them.
  10. Haha - word! Well he'll be a hot waiver add the week Ingram goes down.
  11. Hill is *slightly* faster. Like a Lambo is slightly faster than a Prius. EDIT: In case it wasn't obvious, IMO Hill and Dixon are not even remotely in the same category. They both play 3rd downs but that's where the similarities end.
  12. Honestly WTF!!! It wasn't the helmet, it was the visor/guard apparently. Which he's had all season...
  13. So now that Ben is out for the season, Washington's college QB is going to be to be throwing to him again...? And this thread is on the 8th page??? Did anyone see any of the preseason? BUCKLE UP FOLKS!!!
  14. Congrats on the the right choice! Anyone in here have any reason to believe this (Preston >>> Devante) isn't what everyone should be doing...? Cause I sure don't.
  15. Good stuff, but you're not accounting for Martavis. He really skews things from 2014-15... he could have been the original Juju were it not for weed. No dog in this fight just thought it was worth mentioning.