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  1. Just to add on this: He slid feet first but reached down to grab the bag as he was trying to stay on. Edit: He also did an aggressive jump slide and hit his trail hand into the dirt on impact. Sucks.
  2. Nearly every thread of a player who is freshly injured becomes a contentious mess as the glass-half-fulls argue with the glass-half-emptys and the dynasty owners sound off with the re-drafts. The place to trade away/for Matthews is in Y! Pro & Free re-drafts where an owner might have 3-5 players on the IL with only 2 IL spots to stash.
  3. One of these starts, Corbin Burnes’ fly balls allowed are going to have launch angles above 45 and all be caught. Hopefully it’s in Los Angeles, where all the Joc & Cody owners leave disappointed.
  4. What’s a more impressive sighting: A black hole or Pedro Strop finally getting a save? Or are they one in the same?
  5. Nah, he’s just gonna wait for Bumgarner & Tony Watson & Will Smith to hit the market in a month when the Giants are 15-35 and have scored 1.8 runs per game. He’s put Keuchel in the dreaded friend zone, no rose for him.
  6. All you guys are talking about the Pads 6 man rotation, while I’m having a cold brew thinking about Keuchel throwing his remote across the room as another young SD SP deals and Preller kicks his feet up in the petco suite while he erases Dallas’ number from his phone.
  7. Can Theo Epstein or Farhan Zaidi in 2020 please hire a “Sean Mcvay” or “Kyle Shanahan” so we don’t get batting orders with Billy Hamilton hitting 2nd or Victor Robles 9th? Do we really need to see Joe Maddon recycled or some old fart lifer bring his 1960s brand of baseball to the ol’ ballpark?
  8. Owning Pedro Strop during April 2019 will go down as one of the most worthless endeavors of modern man
  9. Farhan Zaidi has to be ecstatic with this start to the season losing the 1-2 run games. You walk into the 2019 10th pick, a 2018 #2 overall is developing pretty well in A+ and you get to add a top 5 pick in 2020 .... all with zero blame from the informed branch of the fanbase.
  10. My editorial comment: Standard BS talk when “testing a hamstring” can’t re-create trying to beat out a dribbler in the 8th inning of a tie game or having to range far into the hole on a 110mph screamer.
  11. Hopefully he keeps the commitment (and health) all year long. Had 8 stl at the end of last April before tailing off.
  12. Could be. There are other places on the net that make it easier to keep score by “upvotes”, maybe that’s where I remember.
  13. Tonight during an intermission of the Nhl playoffs, I’m going to go back and read the reactions to the Chris Archer/ Tyler Glasnow trade. My memory seems to having the Pirates as the consensus winner.
  14. Damn I remember the days when Lucas Giolito & Reynaldo Lopez were the darlings of the MiLB forum 😕
  15. That’s from Roth’s #s at Rotogrinders. (Mods, No I am not a paid shill. Just answering a ?)
  16. If you’re a family member of Jordan Lyles, i apologize. But when you see Lyles vs the Cubs at Wrigley your fantasy eyes light up. Then mother nature adds 25 mph sustained winds blowing directly in from CF .... and a -40% impact on home runs .... &@$*#
  17. I hate to crush the joke above but thought I’d throw the actual clip in the thread for reference if needed
  18. With Trout out and a 65-70 degree night game, he’s gotta be thinking of 6ip, 1er, 8k as he hits the sack tonight
  19. Random note as I watch highlights: On Brantley’s tying 2B, Gleybar Torres almost suffered a bad leg injury. Why tf he received the throw from Judge with his foot on the bag as Brantley hit him on a head first dive .... that was this close to another Yankee out long term.
  20. I’m a 12yr veteran. I know the routine.
  21. Surprised the alonso thread hasnt been bumped again
  22. Matt Harvey : 1/ 11M vs Charlie Morton 2/30M 🤔