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  1. Of course it's a hail mary move. The Seahawks have nothing to lose at this point. He knows the system. He's already given the fans an emotional uplift after the injury-riddled nightmare that the end of the regular season has turned into. Perhaps he can provide motivation in the locker room as well. If he is productive at all on the field it will be icing on the cake.
  2. I wonder what % of leagues were won by the team that drafted Lamar Jackson. Seems likely to be very high.
  3. Squeaked it out by 1.84 in full ppr. Kelce came up big and I'm lucky Allen Robinson didn't have another garbage time catch.
  4. SNF game sealed it for me. I had a decent average the past two weeks, but in the end my MVPs were Julio and Kelce- my 1st and 2nd round picks.
  5. Is the market looking up? I'd really like to start Cooper today. Haven't heard an update on Dak since Thursday's "I'll be good to go". It could all boil down to this for quite a few teams. What are we thinking about this mess?
  6. Starting, but not confident; we'll see...
  7. Only problem with that is Bucs and Rams play Saturday and Cowboys play Sunday. I'm in basically the same situation (throw in Edelman and McLaurin).There's a lot of pieces to consider for sure. I'd probably lean toward Kupp and Perriman for the safer bets. That said, if I knew Dak's shoulder was OK I'd start Amari for sure- huge game for the 'Boys and the Eagles secondary is extraordinarily generous.
  8. Rode the J train all season, but is it time to hop off? Somehow I'm not quite as confident with instead of Evans and Godwin he has Perriman and Watson.
  9. He's been listed as questionable every week. This week looks a little more serious. One thing's for sure, if he plays he's in my line-up.
  10. I did the same thing. Subbed Pascal out for Marvin freaking Jones. Could have used the points differential there. Thanks to Garropolo's explosion on what used to be a defense in NOL I'm ahead by 5. Still facing Zeurline. Season coming down to a hair.
  11. Anybody rolling with Pascal vs the Bucs sieve? I'm really wanting to, but it is the playoffs...
  12. He may have saved my season with the garbage time "comeback", but man...I just don't think Cooper looked right. Granted, the Cowboy's offense didn't look right as a whole. Cooper has not been himself and I wouldn't be surprised to hear about at least one surgical repair this off-season.
  13. How does a team end up with Cook, Saquon, and Kamara?