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  1. Cooks has way better potential ROS, imo.
  2. That's certainly the direction it's heading at least.
  3. 10 team 2 qb league, plus we drafted in like early July. Mixon was a high 2nd. Early run on top qbs pushed some of the fringe rb1's down into rounds 2 and 3.
  4. With Thomas out and ARob stepping down, I'm darn happy I drafted Ridley.
  5. Well, considering I drafted them both in rounds 2 and 3, it ain't looking good!
  6. Well alrighty then; fire him up with confidence!
  7. Agree. Need to see more before I'd even consider starting. Maybe it'll happen, but I cant believe the hype in the ach forum for a guy who had 13 catches and 1 td last year and went 5 for 73 last week.
  8. I'm rolling the dice with Davis. Just feeling it... Miller has a floor and will get you some points, but I question the ceiling.
  9. I'm holding Cooks. He's been hurt...again... but when he gets healthy I see no reason why he won't be productive. Only way I would dump him for Miller is if I had to start Miller right away. I don't think Miller's ceiling is very high despite the hype. Edelman never had Godwin and Evans in front of him.
  10. I would start Diggs. At least until the other two non/semi proven guys can surpass him on the regular and imo it will be a while. Murray could have a good week.
  11. I picked them up before I saw that KC is down two starting CB's. Breeland's suspended and Ward broke his hand. I don't know how much that downgrades them. Anyone have any insights on this?
  12. Ride the Big Ben roll as long as it lasts. Certainly this week considering matchups.
  13. Like Gibson's potential as a real-world player, but don't have much faith in that offense, so yes. Jones always finishes way above his adp- he's just a bit unpredictable.