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  1. I'm trying to sell (prolly in 1 league not both). Not encouraged by snap counts at all
  2. Think Carson is a sell to be honest. Not encouraged at all by his usage. Don't want to deal with him when Penny comes back
  3. How tf did you get Mixon and Drake in rounds 2/3..
  4. No he's not. I don't own Mixon but if you told me before the season Mixon would get no 3rd down and 2 minute offense work, he would have been a 3rd or 4th rounder.
  5. Well well well look what we have here. I say we play him
  6. I'm so ****** this week and I thought I might catch a break for once on TNF but nope. That last Boyd drive ****** me
  7. Neilter Taylor and CEH were going to either on week 1. There was no preseason what do people expect. Taylor wasn't doing anything until Mack injury and CEH got lucky that Damian opted out.
  8. Davis is this year's DeVante Parker. Had Parker last year and things similar this time around. Now if AJ Brown were to get hurt....
  9. Guy in my league was down 2.5. Needed 15 yards completion to win with AJ Brown and got 16 yards but then it was challenged and changed to 11 yards. Then AJ Brown was open and the pass was deflected, DPI, and missed TD. Dude lost by 0.4 Also in the same league, guy with Fant lost by 0.8. Imagine getting within 0.8 at halftime with Fant and seeing Fant get 0 more points all 2nd half. Yikes
  10. I picked up Corey Davis before the game because I read he has been the camp star and might be his year. I wouldn't be so sure that Davis will fade