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  1. Would you consider Hollister a top 6 option?
  2. What about Golladay? Sutton? Michael Thomas? Ty Hilton? Julio Jones? DJ Chark? Allen Robinson?
  3. There is no chance CMC sits. They're going to send Grier out there with Bonnafon as his safety blanket? Absolutely not. They need CMC this week more than ever.
  4. But they haven't practiced this week right? Cause of MNF
  5. The problem is Packers have essentially a 2 game lead on the Vikings. Even if they lose this week, if they beat Detroit next week, they'll win the division. So they might be cautious either way.
  6. Honestly that's good if you have Boone and Mattison and Cook. Would rather not have to deal with 3 possible players. Also have you guys noticed so many handcuffs got injured in key moments? Gallman, edmunds, ty johnson, mattison.
  7. In PPR he has the 3rd highest floor of RBs behind Cook and CMC. Every other RB would be so screwed without TDs but Kamara is still the #11 RB despite missing 2 games and #8 in PPR Points per game. If he falls to late 1st, he's going to be a steal imo
  8. Must start this week? He's fading down the stretch but Arizona tho...
  9. None. I had an amazing draft and every single trade has bit me in the a**. My drafted team: QB: Lamar RB: CMC, Cook WR: DJ Moore, Alshon Flex: Chubb, Carson, Sutton TE: Vance DST: Pats Bench: Dede, John Brown, Mattison, Darwin, Luck (LOL), Barber, and some other few I dropped sighhh
  10. Bunch of idiots on reddit benching him this week. He's going to make evryonee look silly when he gets 25 ppr points
  11. "The big selling points for Grier as a prospect for most analysts before the draft were his accuracy and touch on short and intermediate routes, and this is something the tape backs up, as he repeatedly showed the ability to throw players open into tight windows. Grier showed good accuracy and anticipation on shorter routes and while West Virginia’s offense didn’t ask him to make many intermediate throws, he did show the ability to work the ball into tight windows slightly further down the field as well Grier’s arm strength. His arm certainly isn’t the strongest, and if he develops into an NFL starter, his arm would likely be in the bottom third among that group, but there are examples of players being able to succeed in the NFL with relatively weak arms." Thank god. this makes me feel a little bit better about CMC and DJ Moore. Doubt he would throw deep balls much to Samuel so DJ Moore should be safe?
  12. Allen was like the best thing to happen to DJ Moore. I'm moderatly concerned about this. Obviously can't bench him but this sucks
  13. No need. His pregame ritual is throwing an early pick. Then he starts playing and we in for a good time
  14. Worried for next week. Looks like Scott Miller and Godwin hurt their hamstring. The matchup is great but sheesh idk