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  1. Carson has Penny on his fantasy team...
  2. I won last week by half a point because my opponent lost Damien Williams in the first quarter. I also won week 9 on the last play of the game when the Dallas defense stripped scored on the Giants. It's all stupid luck, all you can do is try to minimize that luck and risk as much as possible.
  3. Man they just robbed Hill... I have had three TD's called back from Penalty and the Hopkins easy drop in the end zone as well. Fantasy gods hate me today.
  4. Holy s--- I woke up to a win from that TD. I didn't think I had any chance... What a lucker
  5. I'd drop the kicker. It's a volatile position and there are always options on the waiver.
  6. If you can move OBJ for a RB I would but hes a buy low right now. Otherwise it sucks to get rid of Lockett but they are a run team so I would shop him.
  7. I would only do this if you were 100% sure you could flip Mahomes or Watson for a RB1. Otherwise you would be screwed.
  8. Half point PPR. 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX I have the players below: RB: Kamara, Carson, Singletary WR: Hopkins, Thomas, K. Allen, Gallop, Robby A. Do I give up on Allen and throw in Singletary to chase L. Bell's crazy schedule? I hate two for ones but this seems like a good deal and I avoid the bye week of Allen. Will help in return
  9. I wouldn't do it. Carson is match up proof at this point.
  10. I have the same offer. Bell owner giving me Bell for Carson.
  11. Thanks for reading. I am the commish in my work money league. I have trade review powers because our league historically will veto any and every trade which is obviously a problem. I am very fair with trade evaluations and have not vetoed a trade this year. I am stuck on a trade I received yesterday evening and I think I just need some advice to help me push it through. I will mention this league has a history of trade fleecing. 12 team Half point PPR league, standard positions 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex Team A: Third place - trades away Drew Brees, Robby Anderson, Sterling Shepard Team B: Last place - Trades away Lamar Jackson, DJ Morre I am having trouble with this trade. Team A is sending Brees going into a bye week and giving up his worst two WR's which are 3/4s for Team A's best WR and one of the best fantasy QBs in Jackson who has already had a bye this week If Brees wasn't going into a bye week I think I would just push it through but it seems like there is no world where this trade makes sense? Team B is getting a little extra depth at WR but he is 1-6 with plenty of equal WR's on this bench already. To recap the last place team is trading one of the best QBs to a playoff contender and getting back a great QB going into a bye week making the contender avoid a bye week. Do I just ignore all this and push it through? Thanks!
  12. Mixon was dropped this week and I have the number 1 waiver prio. I am not picking him up if that says anything...