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  1. James Conner most guaranteed volume
  2. After his performance today I think he could be moved for RB2 or WR2 value after he put up a monster game. His future schedule looks kinda rough with Min and NE then open back up but then barkley will be back before playoffs.
  3. definitely drop fuller not a great player, dont know why you would drop ross over fuller ross ross had a hard matchup up in buffalo i expect him to get back on track tomorrow night
  4. Also I would't release Singletary unless it affect your draft order, I also would keep Mcdonald as bye week TE for Kelce unless you think Dissly or Waller would be available for ur second pick. I think the move for you is to drop garappolo and pick up 2 qbs with first 2 picks edit: typo
  5. My Rankings Free Agent QBs - Dak, Winston, Josh Allen, Brissett Daniel Jones, Brisset (MAJOR Tier drop after Brisset Jones is very risky and i dont think his upside is greater than any of the others floors) TE - 1. Waller, 2. Dissly, 3. D. Walker, (Tier Jump after Dissly) D - Bills Only good one Overall rankings for your team based off need 1. Dak (Big Need for QB and Dak could be top 5 ROS and is consistently good, except maybe tonight vs saints?) 2. Winston (Winston got HUGE game potential but can also be a dud not a bad pick up though) 3. Josh Allen (not the best QB but if no other are available id pick him up better than garoppolo week to week)**watch injury report has a concussion** 4. Brissett (back up QB plan) 5. Bills (would start week to week) 6. Then Waller or Dissly about equal I think Waller is safer though but dissly has looked very good recently (against easy teams though) First Pick for you is for sure a QB and maybe 2 Winston and Josh Allen could be a good high upside based on matchup duo Share some help?
  6. Yeah will be close but he has looked bad good luck
  7. Dont drop chark is a solid play I would look to drop someone else
  8. Dont like it IMO bears and pats are about even wouldnt add at good RB in the mix
  9. Id lean McLaurin he will be a WR2 ROS not a fan of singletary in a busy backfield and DeDe has been unrelieable to start
  10. Trade Wayne Gallman for Marquise Brown? Or Move T. Williams/D.J Moore/Watkins for Marquise Brown? I think im going to try and capitalize on Gallmans' value and buy low on brown. I have good depth at RB (CMC, D. Cook, K Johnson, M. Sander, A. Mattison) but my WRs have been a weakness (D. Adams, Watkins, T Williams, D.J. Moore, G. Tate and R. Anderson) I feel like its random which one has a startable game and I believe that M. Brown will be a solid player in the ravens offence. What do you think
  11. yeah no point in trading that much for ertz go for some thing else
  12. depends on your lineup post that then we will be able to tell
  13. maybe pairing up some of your depth to upgrade gurley to a RB1