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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm glad the responses seem to be 50/50 so I feel less foolish for struggling with this. Unfortunately, I'm still wavering! I can't make up my damn mind!
  2. Yeah if you can pull that off I say go for it. Got any opinion here ?
  3. Yeah keep shopping. Are there any other teams in your league desperate for TE? I fee like you should be able to get a little more value than what you were talking about. Got an opinion on this move?
  4. Agree with this. I'd start Goff. What about this?
  5. Ok, yeah. I'd be happy with Williams. I share your opinion on Gordon.
  6. the price is high, but the Bill's D has some juicy match ups coming up. I say pull the trigger.
  7. yeah I don't really like any of those trades. agree with the poster above. stay put. any opinions on this?
  8. oh wow. yeah take the trade and don't look back! Got an opinion on my trade?
  9. Is there anyway to get anything other than Drake? I would not touch anything on Miami's offense
  10. Wow that is tough. I'd probably sit McLaurin. Two reasons - he's got the tougher match up and the guy in my league is in a very similar situation and he bench McLaurin too.
  11. BUMP! Ok... I lied. Last one... for real this time. I just can't make a decision this!