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  1. We are about to remove someone I’ll let you know when the spot is open in the next few minutes, keep trying in a few minutes
  2. We have 3 spots left guys. Hurry and join while you still can! If you don’t pay right away you will be booted.
  3. We kicked 1 person for not paying, there’s now one spot. Here’s the link.
  4. I believe everyone has paid and it is full now sorry, I will let you know if a spot opens up
  5. $30 buy in, 20 team league. 4 spots left. Snake Draft at 10:30 EST.
  6. We only have 6 spots left guys!! Hurry and join while you still can!
  7. We only have 6 spots left! It’s filling up fast!!!
  8. Dude it literally takes the money from your bank account and puts the money for the winner into your bank account