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  1. We are about to remove someone I’ll let you know when the spot is open in the next few minutes, keep trying in a few minutes
  2. We have 3 spots left guys. Hurry and join while you still can! If you don’t pay right away you will be booted.
  3. We kicked 1 person for not paying, there’s now one spot. Here’s the link.
  4. I believe everyone has paid and it is full now sorry, I will let you know if a spot opens up
  5. $30 buy in, 20 team league. 4 spots left. Snake Draft at 10:30 EST.
  6. We only have 6 spots left guys!! Hurry and join while you still can!
  7. We only have 6 spots left! It’s filling up fast!!!
  8. Dude it literally takes the money from your bank account and puts the money for the winner into your bank account
  9. Update, the payout is designed for 20 people to be In The league and we are aiming for 20 people to be in by the draft, we’ve had 4 people join in the last 15 minutes so I assume it’s about to fill up fast. Message me for more updates
  10. UPDATE: WE UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE ARE HESITANT AND ARE DISCUSSING MAKING IT EITHER A 12 PERSON LEAGUE OR CHANGING THEY PAYOUT FOR 20 PEOPLE! Either way by the draft it will be fixed and we will have the right payout for the right amount of people. Don’t hesitate to join!!!
  11. I am in a 30 dollar yahoo league if anyone is interested. It’s gonna be roughly 16 people my guess, here’s the link
  12. Well we are only at 10 rn so it could end up being 12-14
  13. Mines a 30 dollar buy in and we draft at 10:30 EST, here’s the link.
  14. Anyone interested either click the link or email me, we have 10 people rn looking for another 6-10
  15. Wym? It takes money out from your bank account
  16. Mine is a 12-16 team (it says 20 but we won’t get 20) league with a 30 dollar buy in and we draft at 10:30 EST tonight here’s the link, please pay right away.
  17. You aren’t interested in a cheaper buy in, mine is 30 dollars but we are hoping to have 20 teams in total
  18. Mine is a 30 dollar buy in on yahoo, we draft tonight at 10:30 EST, are you interested? Email me and I’ll sejd you the link,