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  1. I would easily do this, Lamar and Dallas are huge upgrades over the players you have at those positions. Deebo and Penny will be good players to have and the WR are deep enough to release Brown.
  2. Thanks, I’m leaning towards those but seeing if Hunt goes elsewhere.
  3. Same I would pass on Rodgers and go for the pick. Thanks for help on mine.
  4. Thank, I have same thoughts about Chark. Lock as well in Denver but hopefully he’ll get better.
  5. Lost the title game, I benched the wrong players (Higbee, Golladay, drop Giesiki last minute) and the rest of my team didn't perform. Carson, Wilson, Sutton, Fournette, OJ Howard. While losing this season is a bummer, I have a couple keeper options for next year. Pick 2 Keepers Carson (3rd Round) Golladay (7th Round) K. Hunt (8th Round) Sutton (9th Round) Chark (15th Round) I think I'm leaning Golladay and Hunt but not sure. I know Hunt didn't have the most value but if Chubb is ever out or Hunt gets traded, I can see him being a top 10 RB. Sutton is another hard choice to pass for a 9th round as well.