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  1. Where? I can´t find it sorry
  2. I´m kinda new to Football and to Fantasy Football in general since this is my 3rd year watching Football and 2nd year playing FF. (I´m from germany and american football isn´t that kind of a big deal here) So I just fcked up by playing Mike Evans into Lattimore this week and started to wonder who are the top Conerbacks you guys have hesitations playing your WR (studs?) into? A list from 1 to 10 with comments would be awesome! 🙂
  3. Drafted D. Adams 1st round and later Evans + Godwin. Thought i am fine with WR and gonna get problems with my RBs A. Jones and N. Chubb... Never thought i could be soooooooooo wrong... I think i´ll avoid WR next year until i have 3 RBs unless i can´t let some1 go...
  4. I wonder if Godwin is/will be more of a stud than Evans is this season. What do you guys think?
  5. Carson could be one fumble away from getting outnumbered by Penny. I like Jones and he played though defs till now and still produced.
  6. Got him for 2% in my league. For that price it´s sure worth a try^^
  7. Atm i am very unhappy with the Browns Offense and their Schedule ROS is very hard. (Ravens, 49, Seahawks, NE, Denver, Bills) By the time it gets better Hunt will be back to take away some of Chubbs workload. I am thinking about trying to trade him for L. Fournette, who has the workhorse role in Jax. What do you guys think of that? Who else could be some good value for him? This is my current team: Starting: Lamar Jackson Nick Chubb Aaron Jones Mike Evans Davante Adams Delanie Walker Chris Godwin Jake Elliott Cleveland Browns Bench: Matt Breida Alexander Mattison Latavius Murray Rashaad Penny John Brown Christian Krik Mike Williams
  8. Usually you can use a TE in the Flex. but it is a waste except for Kelce imao. A solid RB or WR will mostly do better.
  9. For sure. AB will also help Brady to put up good numbers once he´s ready.
  10. I´ll drop him as soon as possible... starting him was a nightmare
  11. Well thanks so far guys. Gonna drop WInston and pray for the best^^
  12. Having Winston, Evans and Godwin from TB made me going quiete confident into the week 1 matchup vs 49er. After seeing Winston failing over and over panic kinda gets me. (I know it´s just week 1) At the moment i try to pick up Brady (just dropped by a guy to get M. Gordon) and L. Jackson from Waivers to get rid of Winston. Any other suggestions other than stay calm to save my season? Also my RB situation worries me... (Chubb) 10 Team league - 1/2 PPR Starting: Jameis Winston Duke Johnson Nick Chubb Mike Evans Davante Adams Hunter Henry Chris Godwin Jake Elliott Cleveland Browns Bench: Aaron Jones Alexander Mattison Latavius Murray Rashaad Penny Geronimo Allison Christian Krik Mike Williams
  13. I don´t like McCoy and Freeman. Godwin is a coinflip after seein Winston playing like trash, but he has upside (in a keeper league even more). Gallup is the safer pick imao.
  14. Ye keep him. Way to much value without Hill for kinda 8 weeks.