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  1. 10 team PPR on ESPN. Not a money league, but highly competitive owners. Respond with email if interested.
  2. League is viewable to public on ESPN. “Titan Up 2019”
  3. Need one more for 10 team PPR on ESPN. Draft is this Friday at 8pm CST. Not a money league, but very competitive owners. Respond with your email if you want the last spot.
  4. Need one more active manager to take our last spot! Draft this Friday night at 8pm CST. 10 team PPR on ESPN
  5. Can take 1 more! Had a previous member back out due to having plans during draft time
  6. Bump. Still looking for 3 more team owners. Draft is this Friday night, 8 PM CST on Reply with email or PM if interested
  7. Need 4 more players for 10 team PPR ESPN league. Not a money league, just for fun and competition. Please reply with your email to be added. Thanks!