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  1. I would start Ekeler, I still expect Gordon to be eased in but your guess is as good as mine
  2. There is no way Ekeler is playing less than 30% this year. I see him staying near 40% throughout the season. I would consider him an RB2 in PPR formats as he does not need a lot of work to be very productive. The major hit he will take with Gordon back is splitting the receiving game with him. The time share does not concern me at all.
  3. I like your optimism but kerryon is very good at receiving as well. At best you can hope they split receiving duty and rushing to maintain their health. They bother seem to have the ability to be productive with lower volume as opposed to bell cows. Time will tell.
  4. Correct. And Ty Johnson looked much cleaner than CJ, so it's not a stretch to assume they convert more often on 3rd downs creating more opportunities (hopefully).
  5. Lions fan here. I will agree that Mattison is a better "handcuff" with RB1 potential. Handcuffs are only valuable with major injuries. Whereas Ty Johnson is not quite a handcuff, he can have some standalone value as the season progresses especially in PPR. So if you ask me at this point, Ty Johnson is more valuable on your bench because he has more opportunities other than just being a " handcuff" to bring value to your team. Just my opinion.
  6. I put some FAAB on Deebo Samuel and got him but I saw that someone just dropped Alshon Jeffery. I know he has a minor injury but he shouldn't be on the wire imo. Looking for others opinions and if it is worth spending on? If so, how much %?
  7. People overreact. Start Mixon with confidence.
  8. That's true. Obviously Bell, and I think Ty mont is actually really good. Good to hear your thoughts regarding the other backs there. Hopefully Houston will give him a chance. I scooped him up in one of my deeper leagues as a flier.
  9. Elijah McGuire is a good prospect for Houston to pick up imo. He showed some signs of life last year when he returned from his injury. I will say it is concerning that he could not cement a role in the NYJ offense though.
  10. I've actually gotten higher on Deebo. As I observe the situation in SF, I feel that Deebo is a good fit for the offense that Shanahan is trying to build. I think this guy makes an impact much quicker than people think. Anyone else feeling this way? I might be a bit too optimistic but he has looked trustworthy. I know they are saying the Pettis comments were intended for motivation but I do not buy it completely. Could be wrong though.
  11. I agree 100%. He looks like he hasn't lost a step. I reached a little for him in the 7th but I liked him more than others available at the time. I think he will have a good season.
  12. With cooper's potential lingering foot issue, I think gallup has a chance to take a jump. Dak is comfortable giving him the deep ball. I will be interested to see how cooper looks at the beginning of the season. I think he is worth a late round pickup.