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  1. They'll play without crowds, billion + dollars at stake here if playoffs/finals don't happen
  2. You don't have him in any of your league's. Nuff said
  3. He's back, these injuries man I swear imma get a heart attack
  4. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise. GOAT James always moves into 4th 5th gear around March. Playoffs if Davis is consistent a sweep is likely.
  5. When KD declines this guy will be entering his prime, could see him making the leap into superstar.
  6. So I should hold him no matter what in dynasty, could he have a similar upside to JJJ?
  7. Gonna be on a lot of championship teams, thanks Kyrie!
  8. Both deserving winners but Aaron should of won, Tacko was not practised completely improvised, amazing. Players are raising the bar so the judging needs a complete overhaul to meet this new standard.
  9. First of many victories over Zion, clearly the better overall player.
  10. This is the guy on the Pistons that will be winning fantasy championships.
  11. Delusional. You aren't employed by the Pistons. Woods, Henson, Thon time share is likely.