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  1. Just like it was impossible for the "iron man" KAT to get any injury at all. He's been playing back 2 backs
  2. It's not at all, a finger is the furthest thing from being injury prone. Pure luck.
  3. Almost halfway through the season, Jaren Jackson Jr. has a TS% of .601 and a usage rate of 24% to go along with 1.5 blk/gm and 2.5 threes/gm. The only other player to put up those numbers for a season was Kevin Durant for the Warriors in 2017-18. (btw Jaren is still just 20.)
  4. First player in NBA history with... 3+ 3PM 3+ BLK three consecutive games
  5. He's near 7ft the rebounds were always going to naturally come. If he was going to be slow to start up on any stat i'd choose rebounds. He's the perfect modern day NBA player, seriously like he was produced in a lab. Imagine another growth spurt.
  6. It cannot be said enough that he's only turned 20 in the past few months. Please let that sink in. 1st rounder for many years to come.