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  1. I agree and I think the concerns about Hunt significantly eating into Chubb’s workload are a bit overblown. Would you consider him at #4 over Hopkins, Adams, or Julio?? I ask because I’m considering pulling the trigger and surprising everyone with Chubb at #4.
  2. Been waiting for someone to start this thread. Owner of the #4 pick in a big money league drafting this Sunday night. I decided today that if there is no movement on the Zeke front I’m probably going to go safe and draft Hopkins. It feels anti-climatic but it’s as safe a pick barring injury that can be made in that spot. I love Chubb as a Browns fan and I think David Johnson rebounds and has a nice year but I’m not comfortable taking either at #4. Zeke MAY sign sometime next week and if he does I can live with missing out but I will regret it all year if I take him at #4, he sits out 6 or 8 games, and one of the other sharps in my league get to Pollard before I do. By not gambling with my high first rounder I can gamble in the fourth, fifth, or maybe sixth of Melvin slides. I can’t win on draft day but I can sure as hell lose....
  3. Awful big assumption. Someone drafts Zeke they better beat me to Pollard cause I’m looking for him in single digit rounds if Zeke hasn’t reported.
  4. ADP is 53 on Yahoo. I’d have to take him end of third to get him most likely.
  5. Agree obviously although I do think he reports quite a bit earlier than that. Who would you pick at #4 then assuming Barkley, CMC, and Kamara are gone? I’m curious because this is the dilemma I’m going to be facing this Sunday.
  6. You may be right regarding individual game checks but if the Cowboys aren’t going to pay him I have to think it’s in his best interest to not miss ALL the games and stop the clock on his impending free agency in a couple years.
  7. Pollard because I don’t care what anyone says I’m taking Zeke at 4.
  8. He’ll sign at the eleventh hour. Sometime between the last preseason game and the opener. If $$$ is what he’s after I can’t imagine losing $225,000 game checks are going to be palatable.
  9. Cooper Kupp late fourth round. Was WR2 before he went down with injury.