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  1. League is now full and everyone is paid. Sorry for those that showed interest but we're not able to get in
  2. Here's the reddit link for the same league. If anyone on here uses reddit and has the chance to upvote this post, it could help it gain some traction! Still plenty of time to fill up. But would really love to see it filled in the next couple hours for ease of mind!
  3. Actually just made the change to 6 playoff teams. Had meant to when setting the league up but somehow let it get past me
  4. There's actually been a lot of interest for the bigger roster, so I made the switch. If you change your mind and are comfortable with a deeper league, let me know. It's fun having plenty of versatility at your disposal with roster moves
  5. Alright, rosters have been switched to 3 flex! More than enough interest in a bigger roster size
  6. Sure!
  7. Pretty straight forward league. Will be using ESPN standard PPR scoring. Rosters have been tweaked slightly, added an extra flex(so 2 total) and shrunk the bench size to 6. If you join please pay upon entering(the LeagueSafe link is on the main page). Hope to get this filled! 1st-$800 2nd-$300 3rd-$100