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  1. Playing Corey Davis over him in 2 leagues
  2. Everyone should be trying to buy low on Godwin right now
  3. He makes decisive, sudden cuts up field that allows him to make knifing gains. He makes very fluid and subtle moves to find the best lanes while using phenomenal vision. He’s also very hungry. He had one catch on 3rd where it looked sure he would be 2 yards short of the first, but he spun around out of the tackle and kept his legs driving before diving forward 2 yards past the first down. His playing is jumping off the tape like someone you woulda drafted in the first round. I’m fully loaded with JROB and he’s going to allow me to make a lot money in fantasy football once again πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
  4. Johnson will finish inside the top 15 PPR this season. Hold me to it 😎. This is coming from a fantasy football God, btw.
  5. Gruden said before week 1 that JROB had phenomenal hands. Got my guy in all 5 money leagues for free before week 1. Money time πŸ€‘
  6. Seriously. Coach said he’s only seen him crack a smile twice. Love the humble kid who’s hungry
  7. Dude is the most talented player on the field. Thompson should never sub in unless JROB needs a breather. Dude makes sudden, decisive moves that allows him to evade tackles. He’s ALL business and built for featured role.
  8. I would def keep Hurst in. I drafted him in every league and I expect a big yr. I win in fantasy at a high rate if that says anything. I’d keep the rest of your team as is. I’d def play DJ over Green too. Watson will need to lean on DJ and get some passes to him in space to negate pass rush some
  9. Johnson is obviously the favorite here but want to hear input. Chance of rain in Pittsburg and I feel like Buccs will dominate time of possession and feed Fournette. However, I also have Godwin and Buccs kicker.
  10. Starting in all money leagues. JROB COMING TO SKULL PUCK FOOLS 😠
  11. There was never any competition. I said by week 4 Fournette will be dominating touches. Looks like he’s a week ahead of schedule. Take it from me, a FF God/legend.