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  1. This backfield could be like a Kamara/Ingram situation yrs ago where they were both top 10. Schedule favors it. I’m selling high if I can get the right price though
  2. Selling high after this blow up game tonight
  3. Have him in 4 of 5 money leagues. Just traded Higbee and Diggs for Hurst and Robinson in a .5 point PPR, 10 man league. Already have Hopkins, Godwin, Cooper, and although Diggs has solid potential, Robinson could be the steal of the yr for his price. I was taking the dude with my very last pick in each draft. Loved what he showed Sunday. Will be another one of my signature moves that brings me great fortunes 😎
  4. Hurst will have a big season. Unbelievable how people react to week 1 on this website
  5. Gruden already said he loves his hands and pass blocking. Robinson will be a top 15 RB across all formats
  6. I lost the login info to my past account, baby brain. And I’m referencing general beta behavior. Their tendencies extend beyond rotoworld forums.
  7. Rojo 😂😂😂😂. A certified BUM. This season will be so fun and rewarding. You peasants will be bowing to me as usual 😎. We’re all about to watch and see. As usual you won’t respond and will be in hiding
  8. He slipped to me at the 20th pick and I had to take him over Carson or Aaron Jones. Was not enthusiastic about taking him though. Trying to trade him
  9. The value for RBs has gone down a ton. Short shelf life and the talent pool is very deep. Add onto the fact that Fournette has had behavioral issues and gained a bad rep (was also speculated he didn’t prepare nearly well enough) and it’s a recipe for a tanking market value. He unquestionably has the talent, now it’s time to see if the move to Buccs is a wake up call. But he’s CLEARLY better than Ronald pucking Jones. Embarrassing to even compare
  10. Rapoport is wrong as often as he’s right. And it’s hard for me to take anyone seriously who was drafting Ronald Jones lol. He was going in the top 5 rounds. Someone who drafted Rojo in the top 5 rounds has NO credibility.
  11. This guy clearly took Rojo (which was bone headed even without Fournette there) and now is praying Rojo doesn’t have his job taken. Too late, because Fournette will be dominating touches by week 4.
  12. I’m sure Rojo, the guy who couldn’t beat out Barber, had an AMAZING PFF grade 🤣😂. Hilarious
  13. Unlike you and many others, my analysis of the two players doesn’t ENTIRELY HINGE ON WEEK ONE 😂. Jesus Christ, you people are insufferable. Fournette had nearly 1,700 total yards last yr, 76 receptions, and 4.3 yards a carry against a stacked box rate that was one of the highest in the league. Meanwhile Rojo was struggling to beat out BARBER for a lead role. This is hilarious