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  1. Wrong. Singletary offers the same skill set as CEH. With Chiefs he has far greater chance at red zone touches
  2. Cook missed a couple games last yr and was limited in some. Mattison has been trash when he’s the starter
  3. I absolutely am. He came in to spell Cook before mid game and played very well. But when he plays as the starter he has been trash. Mark my words
  4. You haven’t been watching the Chiefs games closely enough. It’s more than the first game, CEH has been getting manhandled in short yardage every game. Him and Singletary profile very closely to one another. Chiefs make much more sense
  5. I wouldn’t be counting on this guy. I have Cook in a league and wouldn’t even bother touching Mattison. I won a big league last year because someone played Mattison and Boone came in and was more effective while Mattison messed the bed. AVOID
  6. You do realize the Chiefs have the best passing attack (BY FAR) in the NFL, right? That opens the run game up tremendously. I’ve watched both Singletary and CEH closely and it’s about as even as it gets. Mindlessly spouting off surface stats without considering the other variables at play means nothing. Chiefs also have Fisher (pro bowler), Schwartz (best RT in football), and Osemele (all pro) who was mauling people this season before injury last week
  7. It’s most likely between Bills and Chiefs. Bills also have Singletary who’s just as good as CEH and poses just as much of a threat to take snaps away. Chiefs DESPERATELY need a goaline, short yardage, 3rd down back. CEH just isn’t the force I’d hoped he would be and his limitations are evident. Still pisses me off they released Hunt 😡. Anyways, he can have just as prominent a role with Chiefs but actually make it to the big stage. I already knew Allen/Bills would be exposed vs Titans. Allen won’t play Raiders, Jets, and Dolphin defenses every week like he did to start the season. Chiefs are the clear choice
  8. He’s coming to my Chiefs. Hello SB title. He’ll know what it feels like to be a winner now
  9. He’ll play. Get ready to fire him up for an auto 20 in PPR
  10. Through 4 weeks he’s on pace for almost exactly 4,000 yards passing, 36 passing TDs, 4 rushing TDs.
  11. Yea they kept getting excellent field position because of the turnovers. Brown will have bigger games to come
  12. 10 team PPR league My team is: QB: Prescott (R.I.P.), Burrow WR: Cooper, Godwin, AJ Brown, D Johnson, Parker RB: Chubb, CMC, JROB, Mike Davis TE: Hockenson I feel like this is definitely in my favor. Also, the guy I’m trading with will be playing me week 7 and Parker is on bye while JROB is also on bye, so Mostert will help me full week 7 bye.
  13. Claypool had one blow up game and has had low target share. Ebron is one of the best red zone TEs in the league. He’ll have TDs coming in this offense, especially with D Johnson out.
  14. I can confirm he gets open regularly but Ryan refuses to look for him. He’s also getting an extremely aggravatingly low snap rate at around 60%. Can’t be trusted. I’m going with Ebron everywhere possible. That remaining schedule is a dream scheduled for a TE
  15. He’s still top 15 PPR. Excellent route runner and Dalton will lean on him as his most trusted option when he needs a play
  16. I have CMC, Chubb, Prescott (and Cooper), Godwin, and AJ Brown. Jesus Christ. Still 3-2. Guess it’s Fitz Magic time for me
  17. I’m a little out of the loop here. Why is it that people are suggesting he Pats and Broncos game will affect the Bills game?
  18. Check out my part about getting Jones though. I more than likely won’t make the trade but I feel that Mahomes will be taking off where Prescott is likely to have some low floor games ahead. He’s looked bad the first half of a couple games but second half garbage time saved him.
  19. I just get worried Prescott will slow down when he isn’t playing soft defense in games he’s not trying to make a huge comeback. He struggles first halves some then goes off second because big deficit. Think Mahomes has much safer floor. Jones is pretty dynamic. He should end top 5
  20. It’s a 10 team PPR league My team is: QB: Prescott, Burrow RB: CMC, Chubb, JROB, Mike Davis WR: Cooper, Godwin, AJ Brown, D Johnson, Parker, Higgins TE: Ebron, Hockenson, Hurst I feel like Fant can come back to put up top 5 production with the way he was being used and Lock coming back. Before I make the deal I’m seeing if someone else will trade me Aaron Jones for Prescott and Singletary. What do you guys think about this overall deal?
  21. I’m a Leo with the same birthday as Kobe Bryant and share the same mamba mentality who drafted JROB at the end of every draft and now am wrecking everyone in my leagues... This is getting weird
  22. I’d settle for that but I’m feeling 12 targets, 8 receptions, 78 yards and a TD