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  1. No idea how, but I started Winston, Lockett, and Moore, and still won. Thank you Drake!!!
  2. Dak, NE, Parker, McLaurin, Peterson, Miller. I don't trust that Thielen is fully back. Peterson and Miller have more TD upside, I think. It's close though.
  3. Dak…. Drake... Cooper... Brown... Bell... Fairbairn. Golladay IS technically the TD leader in the league.... but I don't trust Blough in DEN.
  4. You're dead on... Perriman is the lock. It's Boone vs Boyd. I've said it recently, and I'll say it again lol.... there's a 75%-ish chance that neither Cook nor Mattison plays, but since it's Monday night, I personally would never take that chance. I'd go Boyd, who you KNOW will have a locked-in role, vs Boone who has a very good chance at a role.
  5. I have both QBs and I'm leaning Winston. Everyone keeps saying keep an eye on the weather for Winston, but currently the weather for Tannehill is projected to be worse. But it is worth keeping an on the weather for both of them. Conner. He was the feature back last week, but gamescript worked against him. This week, against the Jets, he should get plenty of touches and TD opportunity. I wouldn't risk starting Boone. There's a 75%-ish chance that neither Cook nor Mattison plays, but since it's Monday night, I wouldn't personally ever take that risk. I'd say it's between Perriman and Washington. I'd go with Perriman. In .5pt PPR, you know Winston will be slinging it as usual, and someone has to catch 'em, so I think he'll get 8-12 targets, so plenty of volume and TD potential for the 4.26 speedster. OAK could get behind early, they've pretty much given up, and Washington could get gamescripted out for Jalen Richard + tons of passes.
  6. I'd go with Anderson, Hooper, and DEN. I just don't trust Kupp. 239 yards total in his last 6 games. The game script figures to be very run-heavy for both teams (like the last time they met). Plus, you can count on the Jets to be trailing and in come-back mode in the 4th quarter, so they'll be airing it out. OJ Howard has the talent, and with all the injuries at WR now he has the opportunity. But as someone who drafted him and cut him, I just don't trust Winston to look his way. Henry is good, but there are times when Rivers just refuses to look his way (6 total catches the last 3 games). I like DEN this week... got a rookie QB who has been turning-over prone (6 TOs in 3 games), on the road, at elevation, possibly missing Kerryon and/or Scarbrough, missing Marvin Jones, and missing TJ Hockenson…. sounds like a recipe for success.
  7. lol You carried 3 DEFs for what I assume had to be at least several weeks, and still made the Championship? Touche lol. I'd go with DEN. There's just too many things working right in that game. Road game, with Brough, a limited Kerryon (if he even plays), a limited Bo Scarbrough, no Marvin Jones, no TJ Hockenson, a banged up D Line, the elevation, etc. BAL is a close second.
  8. Yup, that's the three I would choose. In full disclosure, I only play in one league, and this is my 10th year. In the 9 prior years, I have one 3rd place finish, five 2nd place finishes, and only one 1st place. So my approach seems to get me to the Championship game pretty consistently, but doesn't get me wins in that game very often lol. I'm in the Championship game again this year, so I'm hoping to change my tendencies lol.
  9. I agree that Boone is a major risk. I think it's 70-75% likely that Cook and Mattison both sit, but that's a risk I'd be unlikely to take in the championship round, given that you have other good options. I'd go with ARob and Perriman for sure. Then it's between Edelman and Brown. Edelman has been confirmed to play, and reportedly is less banged up than he was last week. And the Pats really want / need this win. Brown has been excellent, but the weather and shadow coverage from Lattimore are both concerning. I have both these players and still haven't made my mind up lol. I think I'm leaning Edelman.
  10. That's a very odd assumption that you begin your post with. Evans and Perriman are very different receivers. Evans is a big body, physical type, while Perriman is a speedster who ran 4.26 and 4.27 in the combine. I'd say neither player is really like Mike Evans. But I do know that Perriman has 49 targets for 24 catches on the year, and was getting more and more looks even before Evans and Godwin went down. Watson had just 2 catches for 18 yards going into last week. Winston has far more reps in practice, and in games, with Perriman, and we can presume that leads to more comfortability with him. I'd choose Perriman in a heartbeat.
  11. If Chark plays, you have to start him. Assuming Chark is healthy, I'd say it's: Chark > McLaurin > Crowder > Woods > Golladay Denver did lose Kareem Jackson, but that's the only silver lining for Golladay. Everything else about this matchup is bad. SF ran the ball 35 times last time they faced the Rams. I expect a run-first approach from both teams, melting the clock quickly.
  12. Kupp has 239 yards in the last 6 games combined. He's saved it with some garbage-time TDs the last couple weeks, but that's a risky gambit. Plus, Richard Sherman is supposed to be back and could spend a lot of time on Kupp. Thielen has major risk of load-management and/or reinjury. They're both quite talented, but in bad spots currently. I'd probably flex Washington, actually. I don't like starting WRs against the Pats D this year. To answer your question, I almost never take the opponents team into consideration. Then you're just out-thinking yourself, tricking yourself into starting sub-optimal players, and it kinda shows a lack of confidence. The goal is to score as many points as you can, irrespective of what your opponent does, to give yourself the best chance to win. That said, I prefer a high-floor option, to a boom-bust type of player. I'll take a player who scores 12-17 points each week over a player who scores 30 points some weeks and 2-5 points others, each and every time. Consistency is what gets you to the playoffs. However, in the playoffs it's a tad different. I'll take a bit more of a risk in the playoffs, especially the championship game, and especially if my opponent has been smashing people week in and week out. However, this year, I've outscored my opponent in the championship game for 3 weeks in a row, so I'm leaning toward high floor options this week for myself. I'd rather put up a respectable number, and force him to outscore me, than put up a dud in the championship game and let him beat me with a mediocre performance.
  13. I'm nervous about Lockett, given his low production the past few weeks.... It's hard to say whether the 3-4 weeks of duds was the fluke, or whether last week was the fluke. I think I'd start Sanders over Lockett, and leave Mostert in the Flex.
  14. Yeah, I don't love it, but to be honest, I like Higbee more than Gieski, even if Everrett comes back.