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  1. It makes too much sense for both teams so it obviously will not happen.
  2. While your may turn out to be right, it seems completely insane to say he is a JAG and does not pass the eye test after 1 NFL game. Maybe you're referring to his game at FSU as well though.
  3. lol how often are the Redskins gonna be running clock and protecting a 4th quarter lead this year? Of course the veteran RB is going to be the one getting those carries in week 1 with a shortened off season.
  4. Lots of garbage time points to be had.
  5. I don't think it normally snows in domes.
  6. Glazer said Kittle was pressing to play last night and the team had to protect him from himself.....I bet he is a go on Sunday.
  7. He rolled his ankle, no idea what Woj is talking about.
  8. He got pulled quick in the 3rd qtr, seems to have worked out well lol.
  9. He's been calling Kirk a GTD for weeks now and he has not been closing to playing (until maybe this week).