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  1. I don't think it normally snows in domes.
  2. Glazer said Kittle was pressing to play last night and the team had to protect him from himself.....I bet he is a go on Sunday.
  3. He rolled his ankle, no idea what Woj is talking about.
  4. He got pulled quick in the 3rd qtr, seems to have worked out well lol.
  5. He's been calling Kirk a GTD for weeks now and he has not been closing to playing (until maybe this week).
  6. Who should we be pairing Dame with in the 2nd round?
  7. says the guy who picked murray up off waivers this week
  8. No idea where you're getting that from lol. It seems to me like they smartened up and sat him this week after watching him play hurt last week.
  9. you sure about that? has a single person confirmed he was injured in practice? or are we just reading the injury reports and making assumptions.
  10. Safe to say you own Deebo and not Pettis, but i'll go ahead and watch the tape.
  11. It's definitely a concern but I doubt the coaching staff is going to allow the low targets to continue. DJ is gonna get his ROS.