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  1. Hey everyone, I took over a new league that has drafted, but a lot of the managers left/gave up because they figured there will be no season. I would love to replace them with managers who still care and are committed! Let me know if you are interested (send me an email) and I can send you the rosters of the available teams. First come first serve.
  2. I need two more managers for a new 10 team keeper league with Yahoo. 11 batters, 9 pitchers for starting spots, plus 5 bench and 2 NA prospect spots Common categories plus 2B and WHIP Keep 7 plus 1 NA prospect each season Draft is 1230 PM EST today. Interested or questions email: shoelesspastor@yahoo.com
  3. Hey, First year keeper league with Yahoo needs 2 replacement managers. A couple of them backed out just for time commitment reasons for the future. Decent teams, large rosters with 2 NA spots, and a great crew of managers already. Ideally, would love for you to commit to football and hockey as well (we have mostly all the same managers for all 3 leagues). Email me: danwilson10@yahoo.com
  4. Looking for 2 more managers to fill out the league. Head to head. Let me know of interested. Danwilson10@yahoo.com
  5. Ya, for Yahoo there are 3 different head to head settings. Normal, points, or one win. Mine is set at 1 win. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Looking for two more managers for a First year keeper league. 10 teams. Draft on March 24 8pm. Send me an email and I will send you the invite. Danwilson10@yahoo.com
  7. Hey, Currently in need of a replacement manager ASAP (ideally prior to tonight's games) for a first year keeper league. Roster is as follows: Raanta Kuemper Lehner Couture Johansen Eichel Guentzel Ehlers Krejci Neal Nyquist Tuch DeAngelo Shattenkirk Heiskanen McAvoy Nylander Hischier I need to know ASAP because there are a couple of deals in the works with this team, but I will only accept them if the new manager would like to proceed with them. Send me an email: danwilson10@yahoo.com with your current experience, as I would like to not have to replace another manager.
  8. Looking to replace 3 managers in a 12 team league. One cant do the time commitment and the other 2 requested out due to lack of interest. Year 1, so teams haven't had much done to them yet. The 3 teams are in good shape, and it will be first come first serve on choice of roster to take over. 4 keepers plus 1 defense, max 1 goalie and max 1 rookie. Please let me know your experience and interest as I dont want to keep replacing managers. Send me an email danwilson10@yahoo.com
  9. Yahoo draft, tonight at 8PM EST First year keeper league. Looking for a couple more players to fill out a 12 team league. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1222818/invitation?key=190d280cf8019808&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=3b286124a565df76 Check out the link to see details and Commissioner note on Keeper League info. Any questions let me know.
  10. Hey all, sorry - forgot to post my email! danwilson10@yahoo.com It is not a money league, just a heads up. It is serious, but for fun and bragging rights! If everyone is invested, they usually last for years!
  11. Starting up a new keeper league in Yahoo. 12 teams. Drafting tomorrow evening 8:00 PM EST if it gets filled in time. Have run a keeper league for many years, but had to take some time off and would like to start it up again. Email ASAP for league link to join and see more info.