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  1. will be jumping for joy if the raiders can pick up ceedee in the draft, he will be a beast especially with the lack of production from that wr corps
  2. 20 carries for 70+8 receps for 90 and a TD, take me home eli
  3. pascal and chark, pascal is a lock for 10+ and he's playing the biggest pass funnel in the league
  4. I would have to go watson even though broncos pass D is solid, bears and dallas game will likely be a defensive matchup which limits dak's ceiling, he is also more turnover prone
  5. Luckily the raiders are still in contention or else they would likely shut down Jacobs for the year to protect the future of their franchise
  6. Do you mean jamaal williams? bc James White went drafted unless you are playing in a 4 teamer
  7. that week 16 matchup against tb tho, fuller bringing the chips home this season
  8. Starting jameis every week is like being strapped to the outside of apollo 13
  9. Sorry to burst your bubble but he is the #3 option on the run heaviest offense in the nfl... only has value in dynasty or deeper leagues (12+)
  10. I'm feeling this week or the one after barring any major setback, potential to be a huge piece for playoffs but prob won't be fantasy relevant until week 13 on
  11. that one run towards the beginning of the game where he was going outside and the chargers were all over it then he stopped and cut through the middle for 5 was an absolute gem
  12. Up to you if you want to take the risk, personally i would pull the trigger because you will have a league winning roster barring injury but if one of your starters goes down they will be difficult to replace
  13. Maybe fins but a low talent back on the dolphins isn't going to do anything, their offense runs through the air with fitz, not even saying this guy's name unless I was in a 16 teamer
  14. He may be usable as a deep league streamer, since cincy will always be down they will air it out, probably fringe relevant in leagues of 14 or more teams