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  1. I'm also here to say take the deal. You have enough RBs to get by and this is huge for you WR corps, plus they last longer. Another thing I like that isn't mentioned is that this looks like a nice incoming class. Doubling up your chances on hitting on a future stud is an added benefit. I'd probably do this trade even without the draft pick, but that addition makes it easy.
  2. adams/Julio sounded so good on paper but between julios production lull and Adams injury happening at the same time...brutal
  3. Mixon was a huge fade for me this year and he was awful in the first half, but they started using him as their offensive centerpiece in the second half and I’d expect them to do the same next year. They really have nowhere to go but up.
  4. Mixon is the guy I'm hoping to get if I'm 8-12 next year. That offense has no where to go but up and he balled out at the end of the year. Everything is there for him to have his breakout. MG3 was that guy for me 2 years ago, Cook this year, I think he's next!
  5. Really interested here...how do you all rank: AJ Brown Terry McLaurin Deebo Samuel DK Metcalf
  6. My breakouts: Joe Mixon - top 3 RB in 2020 Kenyan Drake - top 15 RB in 2020 after resigning with Arizona Michael Gallup - top 15 WR in 2020 after Cooper doesn't get paid and goes elsewhere Christian Kirk - top 24 WR in 2020 and finally becomes consistent Noah Fant - top 6 TE if he can stay healthy, big-play ability most TE's don't have Ryan Tannehill - top 10 QB after riding the momentum of this year into a full-season next year
  7. I think that sounds about right but probably a bit higher because of what he's shown this year. There's really not an easy knock on him because he's done everything he's been asked to do and more in SF. The only concern is can he be this good or close to this good for a full season with his limited track record, but I think anyone who is competent will be very good in that system and with that supporting cast.
  8. After finishing 11th in back to back years in my 12-team commish league, I got 4th after winning the season standings and going 0-2 in the playoffs with my worst 2 games of the year. With the team I had, I honestly can't complain. Most importantly, what I learned is that the team's situation (their coaching, their offensive scheme and mouths to feed, their defense and how much pressure that puts on the offense to score) matters a lot. I look at talent, schedule and track record a lot but the peripheral situation for most of my players impacted them a lot. Secondly, I am drafting more younger players with something to prove next year. Every year there's 5-10 guys that really level up and my plan is to draft a bunch of them once I have a couple anchors and hope that as many as possible hit.
  9. [...] This is just another note for next year, make space for these guys on your bench at the end of the year and drop those WR4s.
  10. The ending of the year was a bummer, but his career track record is remarkable. No way I make the playoffs without his amazing first half. I'm glad I got him at the beinning of the sixth round! I'm really curious as to what this team does in the off-season, though, and how things change. The targets in the second half just weren't there and that's concerning.
  11. Probably middle to end of 3rd? He had a really rough finish to the year but his career TD numbers are absurd and he was an early season ticket to the playoffs.
  12. He ran short routes almost exclusively in a few games this year. Maddening.
  13. Probably not, but just remember just because he is active doesn't mean he will be the starter or even play. I'd worry more about Abdullah or Ham or them not giving Boone the work we expect. I need the upside of 100 rushing yards and a TD after the clunker this morning between Tampa/Houston so I'd advise anyone else who does to stick with the plan.
  14. That drop on the double move was everything. Difference between a poor game and a good/great game. He might have been able to take that for a TD. Brutal.