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  1. Especially a righty against Houston. Man, this sucks. I'm going the same thing. Everyone available to bear arms must be ready to go! Desperation mode indeed.
  2. Great game yesterday. Bad game today. He looks good. Story absolutely robbed him with a gemmmm from the hole. Otherwise he'd have a 1-5 and not 0-5. But yesterday he had a combo meal and multiple walks... so we know the upside. I'm riding this guy the last few games knowing the upside is worth the downside.
  3. Thanks a lot. I agree with this, but what evidence is there that it will happen? There was none against Baltimore. Between Watson's tendency to hold the ball/scramble and Houston's play calling I am not confident. I like DJ a lot after this week though.
  4. @jpark211 I have Woods and I am concerned about T-White. This is close between Mixon and Kelley for me, but I would play Mixon. Philly is falling apart and I feel like Cinci will patch some things up with a longer time off between games and work to establish the run. Like Darin I feel a good game coming. It's not going to be as bad as it's been against tough LAC and CLE defensive lines. Plus, they should be able to stay in the game.
  5. Eeek! Just one? I'll take the safety of Singletary. The others all have question marks and/or tough matchups.
  6. Personally, I would not, but I am high on Hurst and low on Freeman/NYG offense. I think best case scenario for either player you're going to be better off with Hurst. More RBs will come available on waivers, don't worry.
  7. Johnson. His usage is more clear and he's been peppered with easy catch targets through 2 games. Fournette may have a great game, he may not. He may get targets, he may not. Tampa RB situation still a wait and see if you can help it, and you definitely can if you have Diontae.
  8. @pb187 Side 1, not close, whether it's David, Diontae or even Duke. JJ is a stud but White (bless him and his tragedy) is droppable/worthless in stnd.
  9. @enyouartist I don't think I would. I love Hunt as a solid RB2/Flex every week with league-winning upside, but McLaurin is clearly a stud and an every-week WR2. You're too thin at receiver to give up McLaurin and have an inconsistent Cooper, inconsistent Slayton, and seemingly reliable and consistent but still an unsure Gage. It sucks that you lost CMC but Kelley and Gibson (hopefully) should be able to get you by. And Hines/Moss/Mattison if they happen into better usage.
  10. @Texansfan Woof, this is super hard. You have 2 alphas who are banged up and two upside young pieces with big ceilings. The thing is, D Johnson is relevant now...Dobbins is not. I think I'd keep Kittle and try to hold tight while he and MT get back to health. Kittle gives you the positional advantage that Goedart and presumably Mike G unless he has a huge breakout do not. You gotta love what Adams has done, but in a few weeks he and MT should be relatively even playing field. If you really like the trade and want to do it. I would play Goedart this week and play it by ear with the usages of Hines, Freeman, and Shenault.
  11. Mixon and McLaurin - their roles are guaranteed. Fournette is in wait and see mode if you can help it, and you can.
  12. Fuller is the #1 for Houston as long as he is healthy, which typically isn't long. This is pretty dependent on situation and team. If you need someone who can put up some big games, go get Cooks. If you need someone who is safer and more stable, keep Tate. I'd probably go with the upside of Cooks. Houston has a lot of turnover and a couple bad matchups but they won't be terrible the whole season with Watson running the show.
  13. Hi all. I'm going out of town Friday morning and won't have service until some time Sunday. I need help setting my roster before I go and I'm having a hard time juggling some terrible matchups. Also - is it silly to consider L Thomas over Hurst at TE? League is STANDARD with 5pt bonus for 100rushing/80receiving. Will respond with yours AND give you context for my decisions. Thanks!
  14. The SS was nice but I mostly played him at 2B/MI anyways. Doesn't matter a whole lot to me. Obviously hurts his value you a little bit there's a lot of top and mid tier SS out there now...and less at 2B.