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  1. I don't play in any full PPR leagues and my main league is standard with yardage bonuses and 2 flexes, so having a dependable RB corps is pretty key to winning. I don't think I'm leaving the 2nd round without one RB. Sanders and Drake both have some risk but they also have top-6 upside. I am okay with them. I certainly would rather have a pairing like Drake and Ridley than Julio and Fournette/Bell/DJ/whoever though, because I just don't trust those RBs in the 3rd and 4th. I won't be taking more than one of them, most likely.
  2. Who is Gonzalez? this is a good conversation. I really struggle with it. Hill, Julio and Hopkins are all super nice but if you take two of them at the 1/2 turn you’re looking at guys like Lev Bell, David Johnson and David Montgomery as your possible RB1, assuming Conner, Fournette, and Carson have already gone. Meanwhile, guys like Ridley, Woods and Chark are usually there. The drop off at RB seems much higher. Therefore, for me, I think I’m taking an RB hell or high water, preferably two. The other option is to go zero-ish RB and then shotgun approach, but that’s harder to do outside of full ppr
  3. this is what I’m noticing in yahoo mocks as well. For people who really want to grab an RB he’s going late 1st and for people who grab adams/hill or even someone like Mixon he’s going early 2nd.
  4. I LOL'd at Kilometers Sanders. Love it. Shame on anyone reigning you in!! hahaha. I still like Sanders as a bottom of the first type guy. I can get both the hype and the potential downside, but we have a very limited amount of playmaker RBs with a lock on snaps and opportunity and it's important to grab them early, imo.
  5. Thanks for the input and reply! how about compared to Hunt, Swift, and Akers -- or who do you have as the last couple guys you'd take before D-Will?
  6. Yeah, I think he’s a 7th/8th rounder in the Howard/Sony/RoJo/Vaughn/Dobbins area with Hunt, Swift and probably Akers already gone. Probably missing a guy or two. He’s definitely going to be a nice early season piece with potential to stick as an RB2/flex throughout the season. Gotta love the situation he’s in with the shortened offseason making it harder on CEH to come along. are you taking any of those RBs I listed above him? I think if one the Tampa guys wins majority or Dobbins takes over/Ingram goes down they have more upside, but that’s about it, and even then, those are big ifs for 2020.
  7. I get both sides of this coin but I think Guice is going to get one more chance this season. He can really play. I heard that his knee injury (second one, more minor) bought him time to truly heal and strengthen his other knee (the first really bad injury) and that this year will be the first time he's really healthy and closer to 100% since he was drafted. I also think he won't be a 'work-horse' type guy though either, because of this risk. Personally, I'm staying away. Washington will be better though and if he takes the RB1 job and stays healthy, he'll be a huge ADP steal.
  8. You have to think KG is definitely finishing as mid to low-end WR1 with upside for more if he ever gets the targets he deserves, but that's been the story with him thus far (limited targets) so I think he'll continue to be a lower target, higher ADOT guy with some boom/bust but big boom and TD potential. I'd be happy to have him as my WR1 but would probably look to get a Woods type or someone stable to pair him with (ideally, not set in stone, of course).
  9. Good call getting the ball rolling on this. I love Cantaloupe's post as I was thinking very similarly. My plan (12tm league w/ 2 flex, std scoring w/ yd bonuses): Put for league vote on adding a) 1 roster spot; b) 1 IR spot; c) 1 roster spot and IR spot - currently have 6 bench as well as Confirming with league that payout and winning will be as follows: If 8 game threshold is reached and season canceled, winner will be standings leader with points as deciding factor, normal payouts (1st 2nd 3rd and most points); If 8 game threshold is not reached and the season is canceled, all players will be refunded.
  10. OMG Lol that picture is stunning
  11. I agree with you that I probably wouldn't take any of those guys above LF, though I am mostly avoiding this range of RBs. But 325 touches? I just don't see it man, at all. 1) There's no way he's going be a 3rd down back with CT there under Gruden and how bad of a pass-catcher he is. 2) This team is not going to be winning a lot or leading on the scoreboard. He's going to lose significant carries because of that. 3) You acknowledged this, but the injury history is still a problem. Add that to the first two and it's just super worrisome for me that he busts out hard. I'd rather have most other RBs in the 'iffy' Rb2/3 range.
  12. I still have the Pats players around the same spot. Cam has never been the best passer in the world. Maybe a slight upgrade but I'm not going to bank on it. edit: forgot to say, LOVE the GIF
  13. Fournette just scares me this year, man. I feel like last year was about as good as you could have expected minus the team and defense falling apart. Unfortunately, I don't see the team being any/much better and I don't see him holding the passing down work. His floor seems really low between those two factors, not to mention the injury history. I was on him for a bounce back last year but I'm most likely off him this year. He's a tough one to rank, though, for sure.
  14. Ohh nice. Thank you for sharing that info. I couldn't find that. That comparison makes sense to me.
  15. LOL, nice emoji use. Off-field nonsense and mental health issues aside, AB is an all-time great receiver on the field. There's no question.