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  1. Need the Steelers D and Melvin Gordon to not score more than 10 points after Michael Thomas stinker yesterday so RIP to me.
  2. Who do I got with in PPR? Got ertz in (opponent has Wentz) but with Jacobs now out I’m tempted to put Waller in
  3. What we thinking with Jacobs out. Big game coming for Waller?
  4. I got 22 points at the half from my QB, 2x WR and 2x RB in a PPR league. Awesome
  5. Pretty sure I just lost to Cook already, a guy I read everywhere as a sit this week. Just the way my seasons gone all year.
  6. No updates on his injury he played through eh? Guess he should be good to go
  7. Seasons already lost and just trying to avoid last place so I starting him in my flex.
  8. My 12 team PPR is nothing special but I still managed to finish 3rd in PF but go 4-9 for an 11th place finish. Current roster for this week QB- Watson WR- Thomas, Woods, McLaurin, Samuel, Pascal RB- Jacobs, Ingram, Hyde, Powell TE- Ertz, Waller K- Butker DEF- Mostly steamed. Currently holding Baltimore and Philly
  9. Can’t make my mind with a lot of roster decisions this week. This is what I’m currently rolling QB- Watson WR- Thomas and Woods RB- Ingram and Powell TE- Ertz FLEX- Pascal - I own Jacobs, do I slot him in for Powell or my flex and hope he starts? The late game sucks. - Do I play Waller over Ertz or even flex him? - Do I start Pascal in the flex or go with Powell, Waller, Jacobs or Curtis Samuel? - Alreasy ruled out McLaurin and Hyde from consideration
  10. s--- I really want to play him but might have to go with Powell and not risk waiting for the late game
  11. Mine to f---. I had a 93% chance of winning when Watson got the receiving TD. I now have 17%
  12. lol f***in Eagles. I played them over the ravens thinking SF would be the tougher matchup
  13. Was projected for 125 and to smash my opponent in a must win. None of my 5 players have double digits today and I’m on pace for 90 and to lose. f***in rights baby
  14. As a Jacobs and Waller owner I guess I can blame Carr for this weeks loss.
  15. I don’t know who the hell i pissed off but I’m about to drop to 3-9 with the 4th most points for on the season. Jesus Christ.