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  1. Thanks for the help y'all! Games start in 20 so I'll be riding the hot hand with Metcalf
  2. Keep at it with Jacobs, agree with others Help?
  3. I'm assuming you mean David Montgomery, play him over Mack. Help?
  4. Hollywood, Woods, Boyd I'd actually go Kyler, Broncos have a stout pass defense Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/766091-who-to-start-at-flex-whir/
  5. RBs: Jacobs, Breida WRs: Adams, A-Rob FLEX: Burkhead Help?
  6. I'd keep Chris, but that's slightly hypocritical from me because I recently traded him for Diggs
  7. 1. I'd drop Murray, Saints will struggle without Brees 2. Andrews is the best TE in FF, start him Help?
  8. Burkhead. James White is out for the game so he'll be getting touches. Help?
  9. I have a FLEX spot open and two guys to choose. Stephon Diggs or D.K. Metcalf?
  10. I'd go Hollywood, Ravens still on fire. I saw someone mention weather, but the rain is supposed to stop by gametime.
  11. Jeffery and Lindsay are good trade bait and I would like that trade, but I'm not sure why you'd be wanting Freeman.
  12. The PPR definitely benefits Mostert over Breida, but I think Breida is the safer option here.
  13. Not a terrible situation, but you're lacking in depth. Keep the trio of Mahomes, CMC, and Juju and try and weasel some trades or be patient in the waivers. You won't be a serious contending team, but tanking in a FF league is never fun.
  14. Agree with the others. Kamara + Cooks is the way to go!