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  1. Team 1: Tannehill, CMC, Drake, Godwin, Allen, Kupp, Hooper, Sanders. I can see playing Mixon over Drake, but I would still flex Sanders Team 2 Tannehill, Jones, Conner, Adams, Pascal, Kirk, Andrews Good luck!
  2. Hurns or Ross, better stash for week 16 (standard scoring)?
  3. I like Deebo and Miles of that group. Maybe Kirk over Miles, but I'd probably go Deebo and Miles
  4. I don't trust Goff on the road against good defenses. The other two are close for me.. Baker may have a tad more upside, but on the other hand, I see Chubb having a field day running the ball. For a playoff matchup, though, more often than not I'd roll with the veteran with a good fantasy track record, and that's A-Rod.
  5. It feels weird benching Aaron Jones, but yeah, those are the 5 I'd pick.
  6. QB: I like Kyler or Jimmy-G over Ryan. Kyler has rushing upside, but Jimmy's game should be more high scoring. TE: With Olsen out, I like Thomas over Cook in PPR. I'd also be inclined to try to find a way to get Mostert in my lineup. I'm leery of both Singletary's and Mixon's matchups, so even though I would expect good volume from both of them, I think Mostert has more upside. I'd be more inclined to sit Mixon than Singletary, but all 3 are pretty close for me. Good luck!
  7. Standard scoring. I have DeAndre Washington and Tyler Higbee as potential FLEXes, and Hunter Henry is currently my starting TE. All play at 4pm EST. Everett is out. Jacobs is trending toward being active. If that continues, Higbee is pretty much the no-brainer FLEX. If Jacobs is inactive, though, suddenly I have an interesting decision. Washington becomes the no-brainer start, BUT, it's not obvious who to start between Henry and Higbee. Henry has been solid all year, but targets have dropped of late. He saved his day last week with a TD, but the Vikings have given up only 1 TE-TD all year. Henry probably gives a decent floor of 4-40-0, but not as much TD-upside as usual. Higbee has exploded while Everett has been out, but both of those were to TE-friendly defenses. DAL is more mid-pack than TE-friendly, and Goff is not nearly as good on the road against generally good defenses. FWIW, I was already a slight underdog in my matchup, and Tucker really let me down last night, so now I'm chasing upside. My gut tells me that Higbee has more upside than Henry, but more risk. BUT, I also can wait until the outcome of the early games to make this decision (and if Jacobs is active, the decision becomes moot.) So which would you start (Henry or Higbee) if you needed a safe floor, and which if you needed more upside? WHIR, post a link. Thanks in advance.
  8. My gut says Singletary over Mixon, only because Buffalo is fighting for a playoff spot and so will be super motivated to get the ball into their best playmakers as much as possible. I see Cincy getting down early and phoning in the second half, so even though Mixon should have a safe floor (similar to Singletary) I don't see him having as much potential upside. At WR, definitely play Robinson. At the other WR spot I would still go with Diggs over Slayton. Again, I'm biased towards teams that are fighting for playoff berths and playoff positioning, and I see the Vikings really working to feed Cook and Diggs, while easing Thielen in after the injury. Slayton is suddenly working among a crowded group of pass-catchers - who is going to be the odd many out? Nobody knows yet.
  9. Sanders. I like Brown a lot, but he is still operating on limited targets. Jimmy G is always looking Sanders' way, and that game should be a shootout since the 49ers defense is pretty banged up.
  10. I agree with the consensus. You need upside now. Tannehill is a good bet to get you 20, but not much more. Mahomes is always a threat to put up 35, especially at home, even in a supposedly tough matchup.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. If you didn't play Bell, in PPR I actually prefer Laird to Brown, especially if Parker sits. Laird is a good pass-catcher, and neither team in that game plays good defense, so I see that game as a shootout. I think Brown will have a good game too, but he is boom/bust with limited targets, so especially in PPR I think Laird is safer.
  12. Haha! I have Henry, and just picked up Higbee and Howard too, but more to block my opponent than anything. I'm definitely playing Henry, but if Everett sits I'm considering Flex-ing Higbee.
  13. Jets aren't a great matchup for TEs. I'd probably roll with Fells and cross my fingers - TEN has been vulnerable to TEs, and that game should be a shootout, so Fells has as much TD upside as any TE2/3.
  14. I like Samuel this week the best of the three options you mention.