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  1. Even with Dalton at the helm, CD is still getting a ton of targets. I'd agree with Jpark and hang onto him for another week or two at least.
  2. WR: Moore should be in line for a solid day. FLEX: I'd go with Gio; he's always done well in the 1-2 games that he ends up starting for an injured Mixon.
  3. To this point in the season, Drake in a starting role has received 8 targets, while Gio in a backup role has received 20 targets. Now Gio is starting. Go with Gio.
  4. Agree. Go with Ryan. Brady should also be solid, but with the Raiders o-line having not been able to practice all week I'm expecting the Bucs to be in a positive game-script in a low scoring game, while the ATL-DET game should be more of a shootout.
  5. Completely agree with Non-Stick Dude above. Fuller: better QB, getting targets, and only needs 1 big hit to return value. Plus, if you're as cynical as I am, he's playing your Packers, which means he's guaranteed to go off, right?
  6. Stafford is a great start this week - go with him. I'm not wild about Swift, I think I need to see another double-digit touch effort from him before I feel comfortable rolling him into my lineup. But even though he hasn't lived up to expectations, I have a hunch that D.J. Moore is due for a better week this week - that is who I would start of the options you presented.
  7. Cooper > Woods > Chark Woods' perceived value is high right now because he's scored TDs in 4 of his past 5 games. That is bound to regress, and in 3 of 6 games he has totaled less than 40 yards in a run-first offense. Cooper may be playing with Dalton, but Dalton is still going to have to chuck it 40+ times a game. Give me Amari out of this group.
  8. Trade 1: I slightly like it if you get Godwin, but not as much for Cooks Trade 2: I don't like this trade at ALL. I have Robinson and Taylor valued similarly; throwing in Gibson makes the price way too high. Trade 3: I sort of like it, but it makes me nervous since Thomas hasn't played more than one week. In the long run it might be okay, but I think it's also overpaying for Thomas' current value. Trade 4: That one I think I like. I expect DJ and Cooks to both have good second halves of the season, so to get them for Gibson-or-Swift plus a 1-2 week rental is absolutely worth it to me.
  9. I agree to pass on this trade. Houston is looking better since O'Brien got fired, and the rising tide should float all the boats, including DJ. DJ + Godwin is too much to pay for an RB who you still don't know how long he'll be out. (Plus, if by the time CMC is healthy the Panthers are out of the playoff hunt, they might go easy on CMC for the rest of the year and try to save him for next year).
  10. I'd also take Adams and Parker. Last week aside, whenever Adams is active he should be a top-10 play, and I don't feel as confident about Golladay. You have depth, so rolling Adams and DK out every week and then playing matchups with Parker, JJ, and Diontae should give you a nice team to field every week.
  11. Latavius for sure - the Saints are going to have to give their RBs 30+ touches; there's no one else healthy in New Orleans. If Aaron Jones sits, I'd probably roll the dice with AJ Dillon over the other options. If Aaron Jones plays, I'd probably hold my nose and start Marvin Jones. He's been terrible the last two games, but Atlanta is such a bad defense that I think he should at least be serviceable. Good luck. Help with mine?
  12. Ordinarily I'm not a Jared Cook fan, but with Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders both out, should I be starting Cook over Jonnu Smith? (A tad worried about Jonnu's matchup against the Steelers, plus my opponent is starting Brees this week) WHIR (leave a link)
  13. I'd drop AB and pick up Cam. I'm not convinced that AB plays at all this year, and even if he does, is he going to take a substantial target share away from Metcalf or Lockett? The initial shine on the Cam-at-NewEngland experiment has dulled a bit, but he's still going to be rushing quite a bit, especially near the goal line. Note: Why do you list Drake as both your RB2 and Flex? Is there another player on your roster that was omitted?
  14. Yes! Don't waste time talking to me, punch YES on that trade RIGHT NOW!
  15. I'd go with Robinson, even in the tough matchup. Since both RBs are getting targets, and both are likely to be playing in negative (pass-friendly) game scripts, I'd roll with the guy catching passes on the better offense. Jacksonville is bad because their defense sucks, but their offense is functional and should score points. Even though Dallas has been playing bad defense, I just don't trust the Washingtonians to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.