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  1. I've got a $25 league running on, if you'd like to join. We have over 90+ players on it right now --with $2.5k payout for the winner. Email me at, if you'd like to play with us this season or learn more!
  2. LAST CALL!!! NFL kicks off today (thank god!!) annual $100 pick'em pool on is filling up quickly, but I'm looking for even more folks to join (goal is 50+). Right now, we're at 33+ committed players! $3k+ in prize money! If you're interested in joining a great crew of football fans that like to talk smack...and make some money while doing so, reach out to me at I'm happy to provide rules, payments, payouts or any question you may have. Also, if you want to join my $25 survivor pool league, let me know. I'm keeping that open to join until Monday Night Football. We're at 90 players and $2.5k+ in prize money! Good luck and let the games begin!!