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  1. Doesn't this guy have serious catching issues?
  2. I dropped this guy. Just my luck he'll be fine and have a breakout game..
  3. Really? Thinking about dropping Keelan Cole for him.
  4. If Wilson is so decent, why doesn't he get much action?
  5. We'll I'm pretty sure he'll respond like Hop did to Hall. "I'm a grown a** man". Not a kid in the slightest.
  6. Like how coaches teach NBA players how to land after dunks.
  7. I'm not too high on McKinnon. The way everyone is going down, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets injured as well.
  8. I'm really thinking about grabbing Mattison.
  9. It's only week 2. Not sure if I feel lucky to not be dealing with any serious injuries yet besides Bell and Julio. My key guys could go down mid season or later and ruin my chances.
  10. I'm 1-1 so he better not have another week like this past one going forward. I got him with the last pick of the first so I need him to get rolling.