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  1. Brady wants that big money deal. He’s mad the Pats didn’t give it to him after a career of giving money back to the organization to help the team. Some of the Brady talk is posturing on his part, but there’s a chance his number and the Pats number don’t match up and he goes elsewhere.
  2. Finished in or around the top ten (depending on your format) despite missing two games and going without a touchdown in eleven of the fourteen games he played. In the worst season of his career to this point he still finished in the top ten. Not going to overthink this one going into next year.
  3. Just how bad the bottom of the league was and how often I got beat simply because of those matchups. I always seemed to be playing against teams who had multiple “vs Miami, Cincy, Washington, NYG” in their favor. I knew some teams would tank but I never expected their defenses to be as bad as they were.
  4. He’s top ten in PPR formats. I could see the frustration if you have him in standard but I can’t justify calling him a disappointment or a bust. If he falls to the end of the second round next year he will likely be on all of my teams.
  5. I feel for you guys in leagues with massive penalties for interceptions. He’s actually been really good value for seemingly every other scoring format based on where he was drafted. He’s top 10 in every format I play in.
  6. I feel like this year I play against more players who have favorable matchups since half the league is tanking.
  7. Combination of things at work here. There’s a comfort level between Baker and Landry that they didn’t have last year. People were down on Landry after his first year in Cleveland but he and Baker seem to be on the same page now. Odell missed all of camp. There were a lot of tough matchups in the first half of the season for the WR1. Odell has dropped some passes he should catch. Sort of a perfect storm for things going bad this year. He’s likely ruined your season if you took him early but I feel like year 2 is when the QB-WR connection is going to be what we anticipated this year.
  8. Rudolph might be the worst QB against the blitz I have ever seen. Even if the Steelers have their skill position players healthy I don’t see much success in this offense. The defense will have to provide short fields for the offense to put up any points.
  9. Outside of CMC, Zeke, and possibly Cook I’m not sure who you’d rather have in fantasy than Nick Chubb. He’s not going to be a target monster but he’s getting over 20 touches a game with reasonable odds of getting in the end zone. The Browns ran a bunch of two back sets today. Hunt and Chubb are both going to have value. Just enjoy the ride.
  10. As a Browns fan I’m hoping Hunt being active allows the team to utilize running backs even more. It’s obvious what the strength of the team is. It would benefit the pass game to lean on both guys a lot and allow both backs to have value. It’s Freddie in charge though and you have to legitimately question wether or not he’s good enough as a coach to lean into that concept.
  11. Baker doesn’t trust his protection so he’s getting rid of it quickly to receivers he trusts. For whatever reason he and Odell haven’t been able to get on the same page. The plays Freddie calls to get the ball to OBJ are often convoluted motion plays where he catches the ball at the line of scrimmage. Hopefully it starts to click soon. I’d like to see some slant and some drag routes where he can work himself open rather than quick screens.
  12. I watch every Browns game. I had to check the stats to confirm what I’ve been seeing. Every QB ignores checkdowns from time to time.
  13. I’m not sure if you’ve watched the Browns play this year but Chubb is third on the team in receptions, trailing Landry by 11 and Beckham by 14. So roughly 2 receptions per game. Baker is checking down all the time.