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  1. Points league and I am sub 500 Thank you
  2. Drake better offense like his chances to find the endzone
  3. I like Baker and Sanders here pretty confidently.
  4. Have the following on my roster and need 3: Mack VS NO Connor VS Buf Drake VS Cle Laird VS NYG Scarborough VS TB Connor VS Buf Michel VS CIN I am leaning Mack, Michel and Connor but can make an argument for and aginst everyone on this list. Your help is appreciated and good luck everyone!
  5. I need Coleman to score less than 13.81 in 1/2PT I think it's a coin toss - one I really need
  6. It's hard to aquire the best player in the league. If you can do it I think your right sell your depth off.
  7. I just don't think Beckham breaking out this week against the Bills is the likely outcome
  8. Drake or Landry? (. 5 PPR) I already played both TE's from last night if you think it helps on the weigh in. Thank you and good luck to your teams
  9. Up 11 with Tate still left VS his Engram feel good but not great.
  10. I have the same choice going for Marvin. Best defense arguably, 12 touches max, VS a legit WR#2 in a pass heavy offense.
  11. Need 13.97 from the combo of Sony Michel and Dorsett . 5PPR want to be confident but am not. Good luck all.