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  1. QB - Winston (Playing) good match up, Ryan losing ridley and against SF stay away WR - No question Nuke and 2nd would be Adams, past 4 weeks or so chicago def been giving up numbers through the air RB - Aaron Jones bec of volume and Miles Sanders bec of match up. TE - Tyler Higbee upside just so high right now Flex - wow that wire for this week, pros go for AJ brown i think but i still like OBJ cuz of match up. and slayton has a good match up too but thats if youre tryna get a little cute DEF - definitely BUF against a hurt PIT
  2. I know you decided but i was gonna suggest mahomes, although i totally dont blame you for wanting to start fitz esp if davante plays. like you said with jenkins out he should rip that secondary apart even more if he has the weapons. but mahomes is mahomes and hard to pass off him with tyreek still there and mahomes needing a bounce back game. ekeler for sure at flex and for your 2nd WR i would take slayton, but i would keep miller in mind for next week. and yea ofcourse parker first if he plays. if you still can
  3. Chark is actually ruled out, so murray for sure since the status with jacobs is blurry. help
  4. Honestly i think this is harder decision than most make it out to be, tanny definitely got high upside but dak can go off esp if he starts using his legs at the same time and dont forget hes up there in terms of passing yards for the season but at the end match up goes to tanny so i would give him the very slight edge. help
  5. I would go with the safer bet TBH and start brees, jameis is playing but still not 100% with his hand plus take evans out of the equation. brees like you said has a solid floor together with MT being there and kamara catching out the backfield. match ups are about the same if you ask me so yea that makes it easier for me to choose brees, if it was me ofcourse. help
  6. Full PPR but double scoring on yardage so its 1 point for every 5 yards and TDs stay the same. Both have a rough match up but need to start one: Mack doesnt really catch the ball but has some appeal due to the injuries on NO def Mixon rough match up as well against NE but has been pretty much a solid RB these past 3 weeks or so. gets his work consistantly with some catches here and there. I was leaning with Mack but with almost all experts having Mixon projected higher its making me second guess myself. Help please.
  7. I would go with snell on this one, volume is there so i usually lean with rbs ppr or not. shepard could be a good play but with tate and saquon there in the rain, snell probably the safer bet since duck really dont throw a whole lot.
  8. Honestly could be 50/50 if he can be solid for playoffs really hard to say. but i think its safe to drop jaylen if you want to pick him up. snell more of the handcuff to conner now so yea.
  9. Philly or Cleveland? Started Philly last week against Miami and didnt turn out well.
  10. Diggs for sure with theilen coming back and needs a bounce back game. the other 2 are hard to decide from but i would probably go with carson since hes more reliable even with penny getting in the carries. i feel like miles is more of a gamble than carson IMO. help!
  11. Pretty much what it says up top. I started Philly Defense against Miami last week so thats why Im iffy about them together with engram coming back and saquon usually doing more with eli in. Hard to say what Eli can do or cannot do with him coming back as well. Cleveland I feel is the safer bet but lower ceiling. Cincy just doesnt produce that much points and I feel like dalton has less weapons.
  12. Tough decision esp with foles just coming off injury. Then you got brian hill which is ofcourse a popular name this week but who knows if he'll actually get it going (most likely will). If i had to pick I would probably go with Foles, even if he slumps hes gonna try to throw those TDs for sure. Chark and Dede returning gives him a boost. Hope this helps
  13. Personally i would pick coleman with breida out. will probably get most of the work with mostert in here and there. with ingram, hes been pretty solid but ofcourse Ljax is a running qb so i like coleman better. both are great choices to have though ill say that. help
  14. Pascal probably a better start while TY out. I would drop D. thomas for cooks personally, if cooks gets healthy, has more upside.
  15. So to start it off, Our scoring system is different from usual leagues, points are basically doubled on yardage but TDs scored the same. So instead of 1 pt for every 10 yds for RBs & WRs its per every 5yds and for QBs its every 10yds instead of 20. 1pt per reception. It is also a 3WR 2RB 1TE 1 Flex league. My line up: QB - Kyle Allen (vs ATL) WR - Keenan Allen (vs KC) WR - ? WR - ? RB - Dalvin Cook (vs DEN) RB - Ezekiel Elliott (@DET) TE - Hunter Henry (vs KC) Flex - ? Bench Choices: WR Calvin Ridley (@CAR) - I like Ridley since Hooper most likely out so hopefully they feed him more esp after last game. WR Terry Mclaurin (vsNYJ) - Solid match up with a QB he has history with but sometimes hard to trust the team as a whole. WR Mohamed Sanu (@PHI) - Solid match up and solid game before their bye but while TB12 throw to him 13 times again? WR Marquise Brown (vs HOU) - Solid match up but not enough targets and more of a boom or bust speedster, high risk high reward? RB Joe Mixon (@OAK) - 30 carries last game possibly due to new QB, will it continue though? RB Brian Hill (@CAR) - should see a large workload, high upside in a solid match up, but ofcourse still a gamble. QB Aaron Rodgers (BYE) WR Josh Gordon (BYE)