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  1. People dont want to hear it..especially aaron Jones owners..buttt the coach said he wanted him more involved after the first game or 2, he immediately gave you 10 plus in ppr, the next week against eagles he does down 1st quarter..when he came back he posted another good fantasy in reality you take both games he has played after the coaches comments and they have been 10 plus points in ppr .. small sample size but if the injury had not happened and he posted 2 10 plus point weeks in a row people would be on the train..since there was that injury inbetween people forget and are shortsighted
  2. They will run heavy for sure, but they will still have to pass, i see the slot being more open than the outside routes.. the chiefs have suprisingly not been bad covering wr's .. if the chiefs get up big there is no choice but to pass. im expecting run heavy for first quarter and once the chiefs blow the door open and go up 2 scores all hands on deck.. so 1 quarter run heavy and probably 3 of pass heavy, but hey its a gamble at the end of the day .
  3. it is what it is , starting him but not confident.. [...]
  4. picked him up, at this point why not take a dart throw over your last receiver which you probably only play once or twice out of necessity. its worth it imo , with the groin issues that brown has and combine that with the fact his snap percentage was higher than cole beasley AND HE IS THE BIGGEST TARGET ON THE TEAM. he clearly can play worth a dart throw
  5. Lol for real people acting like the sky is falling.. 2 games in with bad game scripts, the guy will eat soon enough , eckler cant hold up all season same thing happened last year, eckler ran out of steam , expect rb2 production not rb1 and you should be happy. Flipped hunter Henry for him he is worth it
  6. This backfield is not friendly, its Russian roulette at this point. I have both mccoy and damien, this may hurt to hear but I think mccoy is taking the backfield.. damien is a version of tarik cohen that's the best way to view him. And shady is shady simple as that .. damien has more upside due to receptions and the type of routes he runs whereas mccoy will probably be a flex type rb solid but not great just average ..all in all this backfield needs an injury to happen quick awful to say
  7. Henry will be top5 moving forward with a high Td upside have him in 2 leagues ,but traded him in 1 league where I have Waller already , did the old 2 for 1 sent Jarvis and Henry for melvin gordon
  8. Lol those people are not going to comment but wow what a game 5 potential moving forward, let's see how the body holds up
  9. Very good watch, sounds like someone who is ready to go
  10. Not to be negative but in that article the writer says "eyes now turn to a possible week 7 return" which I take as conjecture by the writer. Also Adam's was on twitter a few days ago talking about how the league is so quick to find a reason not to pay you.. this is me just speculating but seems like Adam's will not come back until he is 100 percent and no less , just seems to be his personality
  11. congrats to all that held him or snagged him last week off waivers , lets roll baby
  12. The way I see it is as follows Tyreek hill Backup: hardman Sammy Watkins Backup:Byron pringle Old chris conley role: Robinson//Hardman
  13. maybe the fact that he wasnt placed on IR, his injury per doctors would be season ending therefore i assumed the injury diagnosis the chargers gave the public was extreme and not quite accurate which is why he wasnt placed on IR , thirdly the team kept hush hush about it, i always assume no news is good news especially with an injury. they typically will tell you if he is going to be out for the year withing a 2 week span that never happened, the timeline never changed by the chargers. so yes i actually made a decent call here with the information i was seeing.. anything else you would like to add of value?
  14. if you go back 3 weeks i was saying this exact thing. he wasnt placed on IR, there was no news "which is good news" , everything seemed to be flying under the radar a bit too much for the injury to have actually been what they called it. dont mean to toot my own horn but i called this