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  1. brand new free on Yahoo, keepers league keeping 5 standard 9 cat roto
  2. so, if its not a keeper, what does it matter what last years team was? is that the team or is it a redraft ?
  3. Free to play MUST LOVE KEEPER FORMAT AND PLAN TO RETURN YEAR AFTER YEAR GONNA KEEP 7 standard 9-cat roto here is the link if the link doesn't work , send word that you want invite and ill send it right out draft will be this coming monday night mahalo
  4. will this be a keeper league, going forward, if so, send invite to :
  5. is this a new draft or a team, takeover ? send invite to
  6. FREE on Yahoo, H2h, 10 cat (standard 9 plus double doubles), KEEPER LEAGUE, so send me your e -mail for an invite, but only if you like to return year after year, with a core of your team. mahalo
  7. i will take on this challenge. send invite to mahalo
  8. New league or existing team takeover if new ill play if take over , what are available rosters ?
  9. The link doesn’t work but I’m interested depending on roster size and settings send the invite to