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  1. “The 49ers may have to rely heavily on Mckinnon in the coming weeks after Jeff Wilson was carted off the field late in Sunday’s win over New England.” Shanny - 🤔 now I won’t play Mckinnon and play this JAG off the street!
  2. Lost by 3 points. McKinnon and OBJ gave me goose eggs, such horse s.hit
  3. McKinnon is garbage. How was he even projected to score so high?
  4. Was thinking this game script as well (I mean how can you not with the Jets). Hoping they get ahead and just let Moss loose. Just hope Moss has the drive to prove himself.
  5. I don’t think CEH for Drake is a wash at all (even with the Bell trade). CEH’s upside is way higher than Drake’s. I would say slightly better floor too. I would take the trade.
  6. Zack Moss (vs NYJ) or Damien Harris (vs SF)? WHIR