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  1. IF Gordon plays a good percent of the snaps (seems like he would after the bye), he should be going against Mills who is beatable. Eagles have been great against the slot and DK draws Darby, probably their best corner and doesn’t get beat deep much at all. Not saying you should start him, I’m debating whether to start Gordon, Woods, or Agholor, so pray for my team lol.
  2. So much for the trade hype. Now the question is how will the new OC change affect this backfield touch distribution. I think it's fair to assume Lynn wants to get the run game going being a former rb. IMO there are three possible outcomes. 1. Distribution stays about the same and splits pretty evenly. 2. Ekeler gets more looks at the expense of Gordon. 3. They try to purposely feed Gordon and get him going while Ekeler returns to a role similar to last year. I think it will likely be 2 or 3, maybe we'll get some news soon that will give a hint. I'm thinking it's time to sell Gordon based on a terrible oline, bad playoff schedule, and the risk of option 2 being the answer. What do you guys think?
  3. Definitely pick up Walton. Honestly I would probly hold Stills for another week to see how he does, especially considering the Hopkins rumors (probly nothing but you never know). That being said, I think I would pick Dorsett out of those wrs. Tate could become irrelevant if Green comes back, same with Slayton when Shepard comes back. Conley seems like a flash in the pan to me but I'm 4-4 so what do I know lol.
  4. I think Moore could be a stud if Newton comes back and starts. He had a LOT of targets those first two games and I think the schedule is good too. That being said, if you're good on wrs and don't need Moore I would definitely do it. Chubb >> Jones IMO.
  5. Thank you for the clarification/correction and good points. I agree that no one really knows and we’ll just have to wait and see. Also, thanks @Gootz for the shoutout. I’ve been getting on this thread and just got tired of all the pointless arguing with just opinions that mostly were trashing one of the rbs.
  6. Andy Reid said that he viewed McCoy and Williams as co-starters.Trying to argue which one is better for fantasy right now is just an “educated” guess. I think it’s reasonable to assume McCoy will get more carries and Williams will be a little more balanced and catch more passes. Both should be high upside flexes for ppr. Don’t forget in the 6 games Williams started, he only carried the ball 77 times. Reid clearly doesn’t see him as a huge volume runner. That’s also inflated by the 25 carry game against the colts (huge lead and keep luck off the field). Williams was very effective in the red zone and catching passes, so I don’t think 31 year old McCoy just becomes a workhorse. I would think Reid wants to keep him fresh and win a sb, not your fantasy league lol. If either one gets hurt, the other immediately becomes a must start rb. Let’s just wait for a few weeks to see how it all shakes out instead of everyone insulting each other based on opinions lol.