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  1. sometimes the run game won’t be there for them. It is what it is.... And at the end of the day Mahomes is the best player on the team, and it’s a pass first team. The Chiefs feel he gives them the best chance to score, and rightfully so. If they aren’t in a clock kill mode then there is a high chance that Mahomes will dominate the touches. That’s just the nature of the team. He’s not going to get Derrick Henry levels of usage. Week 1 was an outlier.
  2. 1. Davis - this is the safest pickup 2. McKinnon - the most potential for a breakout season but a lot of things need to go right for him 3. Freeman - Giants are pretty much guaranteed to sign him and he will be the early down guy in a week or two. He may even take passing downs eventually so he’s a potential feature RB. But the team and offensive line is awful. 4. Lewis - I wouldn’t bother. There is a reason the Giants don’t trust him to be the guy.
  3. Kenyan Drake is Kenyan Drake this isn’t some elite prospect rookie or second year player. This is a dude who played 4 seasons and was a bum for 3.5 of them. We need to start being realistic about these guys.
  4. This is going to happen. There will be games where the run game isn’t working initially and Mahomes is an ultra elite QB who isn’t afraid to abandon it entirely. And Reid operates the same way....he’ll let Mahomes throw 50-60 times if he has to You can’t expect 20-25 carries a game on this team, it’s just not realistic. I think around the end of the season he will settle in that 15 carries range with some work in the passing game. And honestly that’s all he needs to be an RB1
  5. This is basically who he is. He doesn't have the speed to break away from defenders and his knees wont allow him to cut like he used to so he's reliant on the line making huge holes. The Falcons have a ton of targets on that team so they don't even need him to catch passes.
  6. Yeah, Akers is going to take over this backfield when he returns it seems. I thought Brown would remain the focal point for longer, but that just isnt the case.
  7. Mostert is hurt for real I see....possible MCL injury This really opens the door for McKinnon to take over that backfield.
  8. This is who he is. He’s a slow starter who lives and dies by TDs. Behind Barkley he’s going to be the worst 1st round RB this year easily. Especially now that the titans aren’t nearly as reliant on him to win. The only hope is he gets going late in the season and rips off some monster games.
  9. He has a bad hamstring and the falcons have a ton of targets now. The years of Julio being the alpha in the offense are probably over.
  10. I have Julio and my opponent has Ridley.... very frustrating
  11. It kills me to think about the RBs/WRs I passed on to take this guy.... He's a team killer if you didn't draft properly.
  12. This might be the worst team in the league.
  13. Behind CEH, Akers and Taylor were hyped as the only other rookie RBs with a great chance to dominate the backfield out of the gate. So alot of people drafted them with RB2 expectations early on. He was going in the 5th round consistently in alot of drafts. That not a hope and pray pick lol