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  1. In theory this should be a 10 target game for Bell with about 10-12 rushes sprinkled in unless Gase just completely decides to phase him out If he can hit 20 touches I think 13-15 points is a safe bet for him. But I wouldnt expect much more than that
  2. Winston might throw 10 picks if hes hurt....I wouldnt bother with him this weekend
  3. I don't believe Bell is a system back. I think he's an all world talent at the position....the Jets are just that awful Barkley is the most naturally gifted RB to hit the league since AP, and he's not doing s--- because the Giants are just terribly bad.
  4. Noone on the planet had Lamar with an ADP in round 3. Stop it
  5. I need 10 more from Henry and it’s looking like that won’t happen
  6. Chubb is killing me. I’m going to need 30 from Derrick Henry at this rate
  7. I don’t think he’s had a week of no practice since the initial injury. That tells me he’s made it worse and even if he does play it’s likely he won’t get a full workload
  8. Cook needs to sit until the playoffs because I have mattison and it’s fantasy playoffs. That’s more important than real life football stuff
  9. Top 3 RB ROS, and that’s 100% a fact where you rank him in that top 3 with Cook and CMC is a matter of opinion.
  10. Best trade was Joe Mixon for Derrick Henry right when Joe Mixon finally had a good game and seemed like he was going to turn his season around.... Close second was trading Odell for Kupp and Landry very early in the season. Worst trade was throwing Lamar Jackson in a package deal before week 1 to get Tyreek Hill for Keenan Allen. I figured I was good with Baker, and Lamar was like my 13th round pick anyway. Probably the worst trade of my fantasy career. That guy is 11-1 now btw
  11. He has Hunter Henry, Mike Williams and KA he throws a jump ball to 4 foot Ekeler
  12. @Dexter75 looks like McCoy is the alpha again, sorry man
  13. 24 from Henry in a must win game to secure a bye week for the playoffs. I need this bye because my matchups the first week of the playoffs are awful. 24 is only 8 catches for 100 yards and a TD. Doable right? RIGHT!?!?!?
  14. Hes been on the sideline for a while now with his helmet off....