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  1. Ben mclemore or elfrid payton H2H points
  2. Levert without kyrie will be very valuable. Kyrie has a history of messing up young scorers mojo. Just check how all his old teammates are doing without him.
  3. Dude is significantly better than kanter and obviously has infinitely more potential. Theis has been terrific as well however. Will be interesting to see how things end up once kanter returns but i wouldnt be surprised to see rob playing 24 minutes a game. Hayward injury might open some minutes up at pf for either rob or theis alongside kanter.
  4. Baynes or kamisky, kind of leaning kamisky because baynes is more of an off the box score contributer
  5. Will kamisky take over as the center to own or baynes.
  6. He looked great against the sixers. If the celtics want to win they got to play him over kanter
  7. Thinking about grabbing frank kaminsky with ayton out, him or baynes im not sure
  8. No way, siakam will finish higher than beal most likely and harrell is likely better than bagley
  9. I think Herro has the most well defined path to success out of those guards. Hes young and already gottan so much hype and was a high draft investment. He came out and had a quality enough first game and id expect him to really improve throughout the year. Wouldnt be surprised to see him become a 1b type scoring option with butler.
  10. I think you gotta hold Herro over him but collins might be worth the drop. Idk
  11. Thinking of grabbing nunn and releasing malik monk. Seems like bacon is the sg to own but might be too early to judge