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  1. I'm having a hard time with playing Fitz, Parker, and Gesicki. Im def playing both Parker and Gesicki but should I pivot to Rivers or Goff? I have Wentz on bench but the weather is not going to favor the pass.
  2. The 100% chance of rain is a concern. Should I just plug in Fitz?
  3. I have Parker and playing him. Picked up Gesicki, fingers crossed!
  4. Good call. I have Wentz so I hope the weather holds off a little for some points.
  5. Not too risky to have Parker and Gesicki in my line-up?
  6. .5ppr - Have Goedert but if Jamal Adams is out, should I turn to Gesicki?
  7. Does Eli really change the Phillys D outcome? If so should I pivot to Cowboys? Or Colts vs Bucs?
  8. I would do that for sure. Haskins at Lambo, not a pretty site.
  9. .5ppr - Sit Kamara as he plays @ 49ers and use the Aaron Jones and flex Jamaal Williams vs. Redskins? or Aaron Jones as RB2 and flex Devante Parker? Kamara should never be benched but Im in it to win this first playoff game and that match up is brutal. RBs- CMC, Kamara, Jones, Murray, J. Williams WRs- Ridley Moore, Parker, Shephard
  10. Chark could be back in the spotlight though with Minshew, that would make me just a little hesitant but Parker has been super consistent and the Dolphins schedule is stellar for throwing.
  11. I think I'd go with Sanders and Guice but its a tough call between Guice and Singletary. Mostert did just fine against the Ravens.