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  1. Biggest WR Fantasy Bust of the Year? Mainly used as a Decoy for their running game SELL SELL SELL
  2. How overrated is this guy in real life, seriously? It seems like every time he has a chance to lead a game winning drive, he NEVER comes thru. Sunday Night was another opportunity for him, and he choked (predictably) Eagles will never win a SB with Wentz under Center. No clutch gene. You either have it or you don't, when it comes to QBs. Josh Allen >>> Carson Wentz for the next 10 years, easily. Clutch >>> Not Clutch. Allen already has led numerous game winning drives.
  3. When he is healthy he'll be the worst passer in all of football, backups included.
  4. Fournette is too valuable to give up. Workhorse back all year long. Catches passes now. The TDs will come. Hold onto Fournette.
  5. Jamison Crowder John Ross Mecole Hardman Raheem Mostert Chris Herndon Is it worth dropping 1 of the above for Thompson's upside?
  6. Best QB in the 2018 NFL Draft Better than Midget Mayfield What a stud.
  7. Keep Cam on the bench? His career is over. Drop City easy lol
  8. From going 0-6 and everyone in the media labeling Darnold as Mark Sanchez 2.0 and a Bust. Wow, that was easy
  9. I am 100% correct. Cam is 0-8 in his last 8 games and is easily the worst passer in football.
  10. Teams do it all the time. It's the polite way of benching someone.
  11. It literally makes 1000% perfect sense. Have you seen the Jets schedule in the next month?
  12. U actually believe he has mono? You're the sucker.... The whole mono thing is clearly made up. They know if they trot Darnold out there, they're going 0-6 with him to start the season. So, have another QB lose the games instead of him. Jets are protecting Darnold.
  13. There is no way this injury is real. Clearly a fake injury made up to save face. Cam is being benched for terrible QB play - make no mistake about it.
  14. Cam also just got benched. Only, his team had to make up a fake injury just to save face and excuse his horrific play. But make no mistake, Cam is definitely healthy, he's just being benched for being completely ineffective.