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  1. I'd go with Yelich and Didi for sure but would look for options for Villar.I'm still not sure who all tested positive and another team shutdown remains a possibility.
  2. Probably over-managing.If you can't use him with Detroit lined up,he shouldn't be rostered at all.
  3. 3 full pages on this 31rst hour of August.Prefer both saves and holds as categories.Chasing saves successfully could leave a hole in holds and you might just have to trade a Wick,Bass,Gott,Williams etc.for a reliable holds guy.Part of the strategic fun of fantasy. Hope Abreu gets a shot for relevance in Houston,he's the most available for me.
  4. C if you don't think you're competing this year.A or B would depend on team needs.If you're getting C,which 2 are you giving?
  5. Long from that group.Madrigal on the way if not owned.
  6. While Manny certainly upgrades your bench,I don't see the impact on starting lineup.Hold.
  7. You knew the price for Flaherty would be high.If R.Osuna(not J.Osuna)is just as important make the deal.
  8. I'd go Holland too unless you own Giles and then I take Bass.
  9. Whatever the context,I can't see Carlson available and Posey,Valencia(?),Aaron Sanchez and about 5 others rostered.
  10. Agree with Uber,keep streaming and someone will stick.You still have pretty good SP for 20 teams.Keep an eye on Graveman in Seattle,velocity allegedly up.
  11. Zunino and Yaz unless you can swap out Schmidt for Profar or Lavigne on minors.
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has info on GP qualifications for 2021?Not so important in Yahoo,but the 20 game threshold on most formats might be tough to meet,especially with the NL using DH this year.
  13. Tough to pass on Yordan and Eloy for long-term,but with 5 keepers I'd go pitching probably in the order listed and try to get 2 of them in first 3 rounds.
  14. On the surface,I'd make the deal.Especially if you're team is good enough now that you are not trading a top 5 pick.Guessing that two cuts aren't important to you. In normal seasons I do much better picking up in-season than during preseason drafts when we're all looking at same names.And that list doesn't look to change much for 2021.
  15. Bieber for sure.Lean toward Alvarez since there was talk of him playing in field more this year prior to shutdown.Alonso should also be considered particularly in 14+ league.