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  1. i'm also nervous he loses value because philip rivers isn't throwing to him in the end zone anymore. isn't the denver quarterback bad? plus you have backfield competition. melvin gordon is a big guy but he never struck me as having break away speed or being shifty.
  2. Drafting David Johnson in the 4th or 5th round as a rb3 sounds like a good plan if you can pull it off. I actually wouldn't mind drafting him as my 4th running back and keeping him as depth. But it would require passing on a player like a cooper kupp or stefon diggs though. as the season progresses, i usually end up wishing i had drafted an extra running back somewhere. at the least, i think his situation is better than melvin gordons, and his only competition is duke johnson.
  3. i might scoop him up if he falls really far in drafts. melvin's running style has never impressed me. maybe i'm watching the wrong highlights. he gets these big holes and runs straight through them. he never struck me as being shifty or elusive. leveon bell struck me as being slow too but at least he had a way of wiggling through defenses.
  4. i like the comparisons to carlos hyde. david johnson could get a lot of volume this year. what round would 2019 carlos hyde go in a hypothetical redraft? at the same time, david johnsons role is unclear, plus his age, are something to consider.
  5. i like buy-low candidates. i actually think david johnson is bad-ish but with how coveted the running back position is in fantasy, you have to get creative in later rounds. i'm not big on wide receivers anyway. the question is where to value him.
  6. I started last season at 5-1 and then david johnson and kerryon johnson went down for me. i finished 7-6 and bombed out of the first round of playoffs. david johnson would score stuff like 1.5 points after week 6. he was horrible. anyway, i think we value him as a 4th rounder in 12 man leagues (standard scoring). anything past round 4 is a gimmicky running back anyway so there's not much to lose.
  7. negative 1 lol. yeah it looks bad. he will probably rot a hole on my bench from now on
  8. also, i think there's a lot of... different views on david johnsons potential that's causing disagreement. i think there's people who think he can return to 2016 glory days and i think those days are gone. he still should be an above average back that gets a ton of carries though. fingers crossed he gets good playing time tomorrow, and at full health. we will see.
  9. as for draft position, maybe he should have gone at the end of the first round. i took him #7 overall so it felt alright. many leagues weren't drafting him as a top 5 player anyway. but he's still getting a lot of volume.
  10. running backs in general are in short supply in 12 man leagues. most people are gonna start him anyways.
  11. The post about david johnson being 100% was literally posted just before I hit send lol
  12. People say drake was a phenomenal college athlete and was never given a proper chance to prove himself. So maybe he's really good. Wasn't Derrick Henry stuck in a similar situation? Splitting carries with other guys or playing on a bad team? Idk. Anyway, I'm more focused on this week. What is David Johnson doing this week? Is he playing? Too early in the week probably. Lets wait on practice reports.
  13. I'm gonna start him. More targets coming his way, Julio should get most of the coverage, and falcons could be playing from behind the whole game.
  14. Espn says he missed wednesdays practice with a bad ankle so he's probably not playing this week.
  15. I think it's a big red flag but at the same time, he's the type of player to miss multiple practices and still suit up for a game. He also got upgraded to healthy about an hour before the game. But if we're saying the head coach talk isn't reliable, then we have to go back to practice reports. And not logging full practices is probably bad. I don't know. lol