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  1. i like goeddert... help on mine
  2. Mayfield Edelmann Sutton. Help on mine please
  3. I would still go with lindsay. The snow give more oppurtunities for lindsay, Help on mine please
  4. Who would you prefer? Game time decision, Playoff time. Thanks you
  5. Edit: David Johnson is an Option too, but I don't trust kingsbury.
  6. Who of them should i Flex? It's Playoff time and everyone of us needs to win. Unfortunately I lost ridley and evans last week. So flex Anthony MIller, Darius Slayton or CHristian Kirk this week? Thanks WHIR 100%
  7. Slayton does have more upside than Sanu. IMHO
  8. Hello, I need some help this week due to the bye weeks. I have to win my matchup via WR and Flex. Who would you start on WR1, WR2 and Flex: Amari Cooper, Mike Evans, DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley. Thanks for your help
  9. 0,5PPR League Flex Decision on David Johnsan and Ronald Jones. Other RB Starter; MG3 and Nick Chubb What are your thoughts? WHIR! Thank you
  10. I know the schedule. could't decide which qb to dropp. I will dropp Murray now for Allen. Thanks
  11. Who of my qbs should i drop for him? When you think on the ROS Schedule?
  12. I would do this trade. When kamara comes back ingram will be more worth than murray.
  13. I'd rather go with goedert. I think singletary outsnapes gore more than last week.
  14. I have Murray. Wentz and Brisset in my Team. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold are available. Whom of them would you start. And which qb should i dropp if I add one from the waiver?? 1QB League Thanks for your Help
  15. Thanks for mine. I would accept this trade. If DJ is healthy he is much more worth than ekeler at the moment. But I wouldn't bet on him this week. I sit him either.
  16. Who winns this trade? I got offered Mike Evans and Brisset for Samuels and Edelmann. I don't need Samuels. He is the Connor Owner. I use Evans as Replacement for Edelmann. Brisett goes to the bench. Thanks
  17. These are to much 😉. DJ and Edelmann will start. I need the other 3 spots filed with the above players. Thanks
  18. Thanks for mine.. I'd roll with dorsett. This guy get a few looks and I trust him more than hardman... But hes far away from a safe high floor.
  19. Do it right now. Kelce is the most consistent te out there. Davante has a turf toe. Maybe he is sidelined a few more weeks this year. Next year I'm sure you will find another wr1. Thanks for mine.