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  1. INT on the first throw of the game, three total TDs, another pick six at the end of the 2nd, benched at halftime with 22 fantasy points...never a dull moment when you own Jameis Edit: I really don’t know why he was benched, it’s not exactly a surprise for him to throw two picks in one half. I doubt they’ll be more competitive with Griffin, but I’m also seeing a hand injury?
  2. I didn’t see the game last week (except for Sutton’s tds) but is anyone worried about the team’s passing volume? Obviously you were happy if you started him last week, but he had more than half of the team’s receiving yards on under 20% of targets. Maybe that was just game flow/having the lead but I don’t feel great starting him in a low-volume offense when he didn’t have a great target share in the first game with Lock. Obviously it depends on who you can bench him for but it’s only Lock’s second start, I’m high on Sutton as a player but he feels risky this week in fantasy imo
  3. kenny moore out, rock ya-sin and malik hooker questionable. firing up my jameis-godwin stack, gl to everyone tomorrow
  4. Just one out of those? I’d go Andrews or Powell. Penny is still getting fewer touches (especially goal line) and it’s not a great matchup. Thanks for mine.
  5. I would play Chark and Sony but Powell is close. I don’t trust Snell compared to those two, and Sony has had big games against KC in the past. He’s also safer because of uncertainty with the Powell/Montgomery split.
  6. Jones and Sanders is definitely the safe play, Powell could have a big game against Miami though. There’s an argument for him or Jones but Sanders should definitely be in your lineup, especially in the rain
  7. I was planning to start Wentz until I saw the rain forecast for Monday night, now I’m stuck between the three. It might clear up but I don’t want to be stuck with him if the weather is bad. Leaning toward Winston given the injuries in the Colts secondary but I’m not very confident—going up against Lamar Jackson so need a big game. I also have Godwin so he would stack with Jameis if that matters, they’ve had some big games together this year. WHIR, feel free to leave yours
  8. Definitely Carson, I’d go Guice because I don’t know how Buffalo will perform against Singletary. There’s an argument for both though. Thanks for mine!
  9. forecast of heavy rain in philly monday night, might be worth considering other options depending on what’s available in your league
  10. Definitely Winston, Jones, Sanders, Nuk, Evans. Flex is really your call, I don’t think there’s a clear best option. Obviously you’re playing Mattison if Cook is out, otherwise I’d go Mack or Samuel. I don’t have confidence in Penny yet outside of PPR but you could make an argument for him too.
  11. I think Andrews has the higher floor, Buffalo is a great defense but Baltimore can score on anyone. I’d go Andrews but it’s close, nothing wrong with starting Hooper if you’re confident in his health, I don’t own him anywhere so I don’t know how much of a concern that is right now.
  12. I think you have it right assuming everyone plays. Hooper isn’t a bad fill-in if Julio is out, so you should be ok.
  13. Definitely Henry, Jacksonville sounds like a bad matchup but they’re 16th against tight ends in my league and he has a much higher floor than Higbee.
  14. Yeah QBs have done very well against NYG, as a Wentz owner I’m a little worried (and I’ve considered benching him for Tannehill) but I’d still easily play him over Allen.
  15. Obviously a big week for everyone, my league lets the top seed pick their opponent so I’m stuck playing the team that heated up toward the end of the season. It’s standard scoring, this is the current lineup in case you can’t see my signature: Wentz Chubb, Barkley, Carson Godwin, Hill, Sutton Kelce I’m confident starting Chubb, Saquon, and Godwin, but I’m less sure on my WR2 and flex. I’m worried about starting both Hill and Kelce against New England, my season would probably be over if KC has a bad game. New England has looked vulnerable, but they’re still a top defense, and Sutton has been consistent all season with at least 70 yards in the last 8 games aside from week 12. I could also play both and bench Carson, although I think he’ll have a big game. Just want to hear some other ideas, fwiw I currently have Sutton on the bench. WHIR, feel free to link yours (and good luck in the playoffs!)