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  1. I would consider trading Godwin if you can get a real RB1. Cooper/McLaurin/Edelman is still a solid WR group and I think you’ll get more back for him than the others. Taylor is a good target, you could also consider Mixon. Mine:
  2. Yes Robinson and Jones for either of those would be great imo. That said I still think you will need to liquidate talent for QB at some point rather than just stacking better and betters RBs and WRs.
  3. No I still think Cole is the drop, SF has no receivers and Aiyuk could get some targets. It’s definitely closer on that one though.
  4. Thanks for the help on mine. This isn’t a terrible deal, but I’d rather pay less for one of the QBs than give up Robinson for both. Just feels redundant to pay for Kyler and Dak here
  5. Yeah if you can get Moore and Hurst then don’t miss the chance. Not sure why they would take that though. Mine:
  6. Yeah Cole is very unlikely to be worth starting at any point this year (I say this having started him as my WR4 this week). Mine:
  7. Basically the title, I play in a standard scoring 12-team league and will be able to keep Carson for a 3rd next year. I’m not that high on Mostert after this season but the 10th is a lot later and more likely to be a real value imo. How would you evaluate these two with those round values? Feel free to leave a link for yours
  8. Also wondering this, Darrel was dropped in my (deep 12-team) league, so CEH is the only Chiefs RB currently rostered. Obviously I wouldn’t expect any of the others to match his production, but I have to think anyone getting a significant chunk of the KC carries is going to have value. Just not sure if anyone knows who that would be in the case of a CEH injury.
  9. I would consider playing Hyde if he’s available, but yeah no reason to hold onto White imo (unless it’s PPR). Mine:
  10. Yeah this is a good move, Dak/CEH/MT/Golladay is a great core and it doesn’t look like you’ll miss Moore that much. Thanks for mine!
  11. Standard scoring, going into SNF I'm down ~25 with Wilson and Carson while he just has Cam Newton. Carson is obviously the better play on paper, but I'm thinking about starting Lockett instead just for the upside (two Wilson->Lockett TDs would give me 20). Obviously Carson is a threat in the air as well but it just seems like Lockett has more upside. Is this a realistic idea or am I just overthinking?
  12. Yeah what QBs are currently on waivers in your league? Not worth holding Wentz if you can pick up someone comparable
  13. Yeah that’s a no from me at first glance, but as cleanface said it partially depends on who you could pick up. Hunt is pretty valuable especially in PPR. Mine:
  14. Well Conner seems like a no brainer if he’s playing at 100%, and I think he practiced fully. And Snell is better than either of the other two if Conner is out. Personally I would wait and see on Aiyuk, I feel OK with Desean there. Mine: