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  1. Full PPR. Does kupp get going this week? What are your thoughts?
  2. Who ya got here? Full PPR. I'm leaning AJG since I want to let him loose after last year, and Ramsey embarrassed Amari last year. WHIR!
  3. Glad Boone and waller decided to show up a week late. Waller is a freak though!
  4. Hell of a season regardless. I'll be back for more punishment next year. In all seriousness, have a Merry Christmas gentlemen, it's been fun.
  5. God in heaven. I just realized I faced Aaron Jones in weeks 5, 8, and 16 to the tune of 50, 47, and 35 points. *Insert drinking bleach .gif*
  6. Thank you...still can't figure out how to post a gif on my phone.
  7. Yes, the monster 9 points Mixon and his Pepto a** put up were the difference.
  8. My favorite movie. Wish it lessened the sting of losing $2k, but i still appreciate it. If you need me, I'll be in the liquor cabinet.
  9. f--- Aaron bum a** Jones. Hope the experts enjoyed their jack off session over Mike Boone for a few days. What a ******** JAG this guy is. ****, Joe Mixon would have won me a championship. So tired of this luck bullshit called fantasy. rather hit a slot machine. Merry Christmas mother f***ers.
  10. Up Mike Boone vs his Aaron Jones and Dan Bailey. Gonna be a sweat.
  11. I let all the "experts" talk me out of higbee. This next shot's for us.
  12. Where's the "renfrow won't effect waller" crowd??