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  1. Who knows, its not like the Lions aren't gonna test it out to make sure anyways. They will make him prove its healthy once he gets on the field. Maybe Vikings are going for the "speak it into existence" type of play, where if they say it three times and click their heels together it will magically work. No matter what any coach or player says this is obviously a situation with elevated risk. That said I don't see how you could consider benching him if he is playing, just gonna have to crack a beer and hope for the best come game time.
  2. I'm not positive on this but as a Jacobs owner in all of my leagues I have been tracking him closely... I am pretty sure these are the first practices that he has missed completely. He has been limited on wednesdays and thursdays for the past two months but I can't remember him being a complete no show. Please correct me if I'm wrong because I would love to be.
  3. This is the exact spot I am in. If I can get Jones at a budget friendly price to at least be a streamer this week, I think I am ok with dropping Jameis but it is tough. I also bought the lotto ticket on Darwin Thompson last week and have a possibly injured Vance Mcdonald in my TE2 spot (paid up for Mark Andrews after week 1 when he was dropped prior to the game). With no other waiver targets really being that interesting, I may roster 3 QBs for a week (can't believe I'm even thinking about that) and wait to get a little more info. Its just so hard to drop Jameis now (he was a 14th rd pick for me but I still see so much potential) but it is also absolutely terrifying to think of starting him on the road against the Rams. Most likely scenario I guess is I get outbid on Jones and Allen plays over Winston for me this week.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I have him in both of my leagues and will be starting him over Goff as my 2nd QB in my 2 QB (benched for Josh Allen in the other). If he does not show well on a long week against the Giants then it is time to free up the roster spot I think.