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  1. Another big week for Stafford. Now leading the league in passing yards / game. Bears are a tough matchup but the fact that the lions can’t run the ball and the bears excel at stopping the run makes me think Matthew will be forced again to air it out. Expecting a moderate fantasy effort 250 1/2TDs

  2. If you are looking for some game tape check out the Chargers game here: Ty Johnson comes in for almost a whole series at 39:10 of the video (10:40 left in the 2Q). He looks good on tape and clearly is making the right reads for the lions primarily zone-based running scheme.

    Kid has some talent but I think you guys need to pump the breaks on the Kamara comparisons or holding out hope that he is going to get 40-50% of the carries at some point this season. The Lions clearly believe KJ is the #1 back. Also there is no evidence this kid will be receiving dedicated goal line work or passing down work as those are clearly KJ specialty (look as his college usage/highlights for goal line and last week/last season for passing downs). It also is a fallacy to think that all of CJ's carries are going to go to Ty. A more likely scenario is you see those touches split between KJ and Ty Johnson.


    Most likely scenario of touches I see is KJ 65-70%, Ty Johnson 20-25%, JD McKissic/Perkins 10-15%.