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  1. All home teams. Ravens run the Titans out of the gym early, forcing them to try and play catchup, which is too far out of their wheelhouse. 49ers force Vikings special teams and Cousins into some mistakes which provides a narrow win in a black and blue game. Seattle can't slow down Aaron Jones, and Marshawn is too far passed the glory days for them to exploit the weakness of Green Bay, the run defense. Chiefs revitalized defense contains Watson enough for Mahomes to make short work of the Texans defense.
  2. I don't think there was as much paralysis by analysis in 2012, at least not in the communities I talked about FF with. As I recall, there were basically two types of comments re: AD in those days, "always start your studs" and "he's good." That probably should be all she wrote about Chubb too, but hey, I guess staring myopically at snap count shares and projecting catches while for the next game while he's leading the league in rushing, trying to find the grey in a silver lining is fun too? Not for me, but for some, must be.
  3. I'm thanking all Nicks today. I heart 24 that much. Get in there!
  4. There's no way the Patriots offense will stay this dysfunctional year over year. Edelman's consistency is a byproduct of their overall offensive ineptitude (by their standards). He's the only guy they can count on this year.
  5. RB14 in my league this week. Works for me. See you guys week 15, or not.
  6. Objectively, in my league the 22-24 ranked WRs in terms of points scored are Michael Gallup, Robert Woods and Tyler Boyd. I mean basically what you are saying is that you won't draft him. Which I understand but am not gonna do the same. WRs are by nature volatile with maybe five or ten exceptions every year. You usually can't get two of those guys on your team without sacrificing major at RB, play in a taco league, or are ok with consistent mediocrity (7 points a game is a kind of consistency, I suppose).
  7. I had a dream we were beating Bingville 14-3, and when I woke up I was kinda sad. But I cheered up when I realized realized it was only a dream, cause I know we'll beat Bingville by way more than that.
  8. I'm not sure I'm loving the context of this parody lol.
  9. Normally franchise stare downs are between a coach and a QB. Who knew Slye was this valuable to the organization? K1 ROS confirmed.
  10. Doesn't seem like a bad thing hypothetically. More for the defense to worry about, if they had a QB who could get the ball to them more than 6 yards down the field. But, ya know...
  11. Maybe so, but the Gints offense ain't nearing the halcyon days here.