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  1. Regardless of who you blame, you still might have a fever and a respiratory infection that might kill you. I mean whatever your reasons are for that, I don't know your life, if it's worth it, so be it. But be aware.
  2. I would say I'm more inclined to believe public health officials when it comes to matters of science and business owners when it comes to matters of business, but regardless it's good to look for a wide variance of opinions based on empirical data as opposed to too much editorializing with a lot of emotional rhetoric.
  3. Water is wet, the sky is blue, people have intellectually inconsistent opinions based on emotionally biased responses.
  4. Not to mention potential future stars who are kids now who would prefer to pursue a sport that's actually playing. I remember reading an article once on the improvement of Oregon's college football team. They interviewed players who came from all different parts of the country who said that they became fans of Oregon because they saw them on TV and thought Phil Knight's uniforms looked cool. Exposure is extremely relevant to talent. So is the possibility that they might constantly have to squabble with ownership to get paid. This year's losses are nothing compared to future losses if they lockout again, IMO.
  5. It's kind of in the nature of free speech and press that some people will disagree. After all some in the media thought the reopening protests were righteous. I wouldn't do either, but as long as they were peaceful and conscientious about spreading the virus to others, I respect the right of both.
  6. I think Tony unequivocally proved in this thread a page or two ago that there are many reputable news sources that have written pieces concerned with the spread of the virus in the Floyd George related protests.
  7. Basketball is expected to approve a plan to resume play today. Hockey already has. There's going to be a LOT of scrutiny, and IMO, lost interest in the game if the other two are playing and baseball is not because of economics.
  8. When the rubber meets the road, somehow I think that if there is a rift between the big market teams and the small market teams as to who is ok with cancelling the season, the big market teams are gonna win that one.
  9. LOL, guys, you had to know there was going to be some back and forth here. The time for lamentations is when talks fall apart. If you don't like to see how the sausage is made, don't go to the slaughterhouse, just wait to buy it at the grocery store.
  10. I guess the question is, how much was the knee and how much was the trainwreck interior line, and given the latter, how much does a potential improvement going from the Rams to the Falcons matter?
  11. So when you say it's gonna happen now, when exactly do you mean?
  12. I gotta think that if the do prorated salaries for an 82 game season, postseason salary deferrals, and a 14 team playoff that this is the best compromise for both sides. Owners get basically an expense free postseason for TV revenues for the fiscal year. Players get the salaries they asked for for the given number of games they play. If they can't get this done, I hate to say it, but the sport deserves to get relegated to Tru TV and ESPN Ocho.
  13. BATNA is a pretty well known negotiation strategy, basically you have your ideal "win," your "best compromise" and your "walk away point" mentally assigned before talks begin. When both sides have a BATNA, and are educated, normally "best compromise" is mutually agreed on at some point.
  14. Lol well I guess that's why we like baseball not soccer. No ties.
  15. Just meet in the middle at the original 82 with expanded playoffs and call it a day?