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  1. 14 Team, Half PPR QB: J. Allen / R. Fitzpatrick RB: D. Henry RB: L. Bell WR: M. Thomas WR: A. Cooper TE: T. Kelce Flex: J. Cook / E. Sanders / M. Brown K: Y. Koo DST: Patriots Came in third place because a few players flopped in the second round of the playoffs, plus going against Kenyan Drake wasn't ideal. I was a heavy favorite for that match up.
  2. My opponent came into this game averaging 99 points in half-point PPR, then blows up against me with Kenyan Drake when it mattered most. I think this is karma for me writing Drake off after drafting him last year 🤣
  3. This game will be very telling. If Adam Gase ops to go pass heavy against arguably the best secondary in the league rather than try to establish a running game, he should be fired before the day is over.
  4. Come on Bell, I just need two more decent weeks from you. You can strangle Adam Gase after that...
  5. Well my point was avoiding certain players next season may end up haunting you. I aim for best available RB/WR and try to have 2 of each within the first 4 rounds. And yes, luck is involved.
  6. This guy in my league missed the playoffs because of a similar strategy. Drafted Saquon Barkley, Aaron Jones, and Josh Jacobs with his first 3 picks and struggled at WR all year. Best to treat this year's top WR under-performances as an outlier.
  7. Ya'll made it tough for me 😂 thanks for the feedback!
  8. As a Saints fan that was just poor special teams on us. Bears converted two against us earlier this year.
  9. Good luck man! Anybody but Gallup!!!
  10. Amari just scored, now the game can end 😀