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  1. Maybe try OBJ for DJ straight up, as I do not think he would accept AJ Green.
  2. 1. Boyd 2. DJAX 3. Woods Wouldn’t flex any over current RBs
  3. I wouldn’t, just because I think RB/WR depth will be very important this year.
  4. Go with the Chargers duo this week
  5. Half-Point PPR. Pick two RBs D. Singletary, D. Henderson, and J. Wilson Jr.
  6. 14 Team, Half PPR QB: J. Allen / R. Fitzpatrick RB: D. Henry RB: L. Bell WR: M. Thomas WR: A. Cooper TE: T. Kelce Flex: J. Cook / E. Sanders / M. Brown K: Y. Koo DST: Patriots Came in third place because a few players flopped in the second round of the playoffs, plus going against Kenyan Drake wasn't ideal. I was a heavy favorite for that match up.
  7. My opponent came into this game averaging 99 points in half-point PPR, then blows up against me with Kenyan Drake when it mattered most. I think this is karma for me writing Drake off after drafting him last year 🤣
  8. This game will be very telling. If Adam Gase ops to go pass heavy against arguably the best secondary in the league rather than try to establish a running game, he should be fired before the day is over.
  9. Come on Bell, I just need two more decent weeks from you. You can strangle Adam Gase after that...
  10. Well my point was avoiding certain players next season may end up haunting you. I aim for best available RB/WR and try to have 2 of each within the first 4 rounds. And yes, luck is involved.
  11. This guy in my league missed the playoffs because of a similar strategy. Drafted Saquon Barkley, Aaron Jones, and Josh Jacobs with his first 3 picks and struggled at WR all year. Best to treat this year's top WR under-performances as an outlier.